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The only constant is change! This is especially evident when we think about technology and the impact this has on our business and daily life. The pace of change is accelerating, with the rapid growth of cloud computing, the expansion of new ways to consume IT through smart devices and IoT (Internet of Things) and how this connected world can present data insights that will help your business to be more agile and identify new opportunities.

Technology should be an asset - one that helps you to anticipate, manage, and respond quickly to change; plus it should also help your organisation to reduce costs and get more from the investments you make.

Business transformation requires a mindset and commitment to embrace change and we have looked at how cloud technology can deliver new ways to help your business to be more productive, how to better connect with your customers in the digital economy, as well as increasing your employee's job satisfaction.

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SQL Server 2016

Transform your data into actionable insights.

We are now in an unprecedented era whereby you can readily gain access to BIG data and business insights to quickly adapt and seize new opportunities. This can influence many important decisions, such as improvements for more efficient supply chain management and productivity to re-engineering your product or service to meet changing customer demands.

Whether your data is in your datacenter, in your private cloud, or on Microsoft Azure, you’ll get a consistent experience with SQL Server 2016 from on-premises to cloud.

Alternatively, Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that gives you a single view of your most critical business data. Monitor the health of your business using a live dashboard, create rich interactive reports with Power BI Desktop and access your data on the go with native Power BI Mobile apps. It’s easy, fast, and free.

Microsoft Azure

Scale as you need, pay as you go.

Azure’s pay-as-you-go services can quickly scale up or down to match demand, so you only pay for what you use.

Microsoft Azure is engineered to handle any workload from small dev-test projects to global product launches and events. Easily manage the explosion in data, getting the storage you need and the processing power to put your data to use.

Any developer or IT professional can be productive with Azure. The integrated tools, pre-built templates and managed services make it easier to build and manage enterprise, mobile, Web and Internet of Things (IoT) apps faster, using skills you already have and technologies you already know.

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Office 365

Time for a modern office makeover?

How are you reducing your company's carbon footprint? Do you have a paperless office policy? Are you constrained by a 9-to-5 office-based business?

These are just a few of the business challenges that Office 365 can help you to transform your organisation, alongside contributing to making our world a better place and helping your business to be more profitable.

Office 365 apps like OneNote (your digital notebook and easy to search virtual filing cabinet), Skype for Business (your online meeting and presentation tool) and OneDrive (for cloud storage and information sharing) will directly help you to be more productive, collaborative and cost efficient.

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Why Grey Matter?

Grey Matter is committed to helping customers to transform their business by embracing new and improved ways of working, by using modern technology to empower employees and delight your customers.

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