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Bespoke consultancy that drives real cyber security outcomes.

In an industry that’s noisy, commoditised and compliance-driven, you need cyber security partners who can add value and create real outcomes for your organisation. Secure Impact (SI) offers world-class penetration testing & security assessment services geared towards your security objectives and bespoke risk profile, and detailed, accessible reports that allow you to make immediate actionable changes to improve your security posture.

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About Secure Impact

Hear from the Founder and General Manager at Secure Impact to understand what you can achieve by utilising Secure Impact's security services.

Grey Matter is proud to offer Secure Impact's pen testing and cyber security health check services to help you identify gaps that need more protection to ensure you create a robust shield against cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

How will a SI penetration test add value to your business?  

  • The world-class experts who take the time and care to understand your business’s risk profile, and tailor efforts so you have a highly targeted engagement that meaningfully improves your defensibility against attacks.  
  • Leverage a provably excellent GIAC and CREST-certified team to carry out in-depth assessments and emulate real-world attackers, from hostile state-sponsored attackers to low-level attacks by a single entity. We don’t rely on highly automated scanning as this misses the vulnerabilities that a cyber attacker won’t.  
  • Identify gaps in your cyber security posture and, importantly, their root cause through shared insights and actual conversations with skilled testers. The team will equip you with recommended remediations, and work with you to put together an actionable roadmap, creating shared learning outcomes for you and your team.  

“We were very impressed with SI’s penetration test. The team was excellent, very professional from start to finish and the findings provided intelligent, targeted, and contextualised insight to our cyber security maturity allowing meaningful improvements to be made.”

Paul Whittingham, Managing Director at Magic Internet

SMB Health Check

How will a SI SMB health check add value to your business?  

  • Help secure your business with the SI Security Health Check for SMBs, a comprehensive service tailored for small to medium-sized businesses.  
  • Expert consultants will work collaboratively with you and your team to develop a high-level cyber security maturity roadmap. 
  • Identify “quick wins”, prioritise follow-up projects, and provide personalised recommendations for cost-effective solutions and long-term support to keep your business safe in today's digital age. 
  • A more cost-effective option to reducing overall risk, tailored for growing organisations that have not yet been able to achieve high levels of cyber security maturity. 

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

The Microsoft 365 Security Assessment by SI is designed for the unique security demands of cloud-based environments, emphasising the shared responsibility model essential for SaaS users. Traditional security tests often fail to accurately evaluate cloud implementations, focusing instead on the infrastructure secured by the provider.

SI's approach assesses the client's specific cloud service setup, particularly key in hybrid environments where identity security is crucial. Their comprehensive service includes evaluations of Microsoft EntraID, EntraID Protection, Microsoft 365 Defender, Exchange Online, Microsoft InTune, and SharePoint.

The assessment also covers external collaboration via Microsoft Teams and security aspects of Microsoft Fabric and Graph API, ensuring thorough protection and compliance across all Microsoft 365 components.

ISO 27001 Readiness Service

Secure Impact's ISO 27001 Readiness Service transcends basic compliance to deliver tailored, effective cyber security solutions, focusing on long-term maturity improvements. Unlike typical consultancies that offer generic approaches, SI customises strategies based on deep organisational insights and up-to-date industry practices from expert SANS instructors.

Their process involves a comprehensive suite of services from initial assessments and gap analyses to risk management and continual improvement, ensuring alignment with your business culture and objectives. SI aims to build a sustainable partnership, emphasising continuous adaptation to security threats and regulatory changes, and fostering a culture of ongoing improvement in cybersecurity practices. This approach not only prepares organisations for ISO 27001 certification but also enhances overall security effectiveness.

Why Grey Matter?

  • Grey Matter is the only Secure Impact services reseller in the UK.
  • Grey Matter has a dedicated cyber security team who can advise on the best solutions for your cyber security needs.
  • Grey Matter has a wide collection of cyber security software services, making procurement easy and helping you have all the cyber security solutions you need to ensure multi-layered protection and compliance.

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