Build feature-rich visually appealing applications

Infragistics has a wide range of UI controls and tools for developers and UX professionals to use to create beautiful applications for web, mobile and desktop.

From design and development tools, UX, business intelligence to team productivity, use the tools to create great user experiences.


Speed up innovation and time to market with a complete design-to-code system. Indigo.Design is a digital product design platform that integrates UI prototyping, design systems, user testing, app building and code generation to eliminate design handoffs and reduce costly iterations — enabling true UX design-development collaboration.

Design and build complete business apps faster than ever before with a Cloud-based, WYSIWYG drag and drop tool. Feel the interactions and see how your application looks with instant, real-time preview. No need to download anything, no heavy IDEs, and no 3rd party dependencies. Compatible with popular design tools.

Anything you create in Sketch, Adobe XD and other design tools generate pixel-perfect code output in a single click with the Indigo Design System. Preview your designs instantly in the browser – no need to download or compile anything.

Ignite UI

Benefit from hundreds of UI controls and components for every web framework at your fingertips, including data grid and charts, as well as the new App Builder for Angular and Blazor.

Ignite UI includes UI controls that your users will love, like Spreadsheet, Excel Library, Pivot Grid, Hierarchical Grid and even a DockManager, a desktop-like windowing UX.

App Builder is designed to hyper-accelerate your app dev process. With a full toolbox of UI controls, starter layouts, templates and full apps, and integrations with design tools like Sketch and Adobe XD, you can design, build and deliver applications faster than ever before.

Ignite UI supports modern browsers, with compatibility with the old ones. Plus, there are built-in themes, support for custom themes, Bootstrap theme support, Theme Roller support, and on-the-fly Bootstrap to Theme Roller conversion.

Infragistics Ultimate

Simplify development with the Infragistics Ultimate UI/UX toolkit, a comprehensive library of enterprise-grade UI controls and UX Design-Development collaboration tools with Indigo.Design – a complete design-to-code system – integrating prototyping, design systems, user testing, app building, and code generation.

Infragistics Ultimate comes with the most complete library of enterprise-grade .NET and JavaScript charts, grids and UI components and controls available. Including native libraries for Angular, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Blazor, jQuery, React, Web Components, empowering developers with the tools to create or replicate beautiful experiences in any web framework.

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  • We've been provided developer tools since we started in the 80s.
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  • We can provide licensing and advice thanks to our close relationship with Infragistics.

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