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Add custom maps and real-time location services to your applications

Microsoft Bing Maps is the enterprise mapping platform for developers who want to build accurate and dynamic web or mobile geolocation services and solutions. From powerful logistics APIs to business intelligence and spatial data services, the feature set is developer-focused so you can get started straight away with minimal code.

Grey Matter is a global distributor of Bing Maps. Our specialist Bing Maps team can discuss your specific use case and help get you set up with the correct key and licensing.

Fleet and Logistics APIs

Build feature-rich mobile workforce solutions.
For commercial vehicle routing, multi-stop delivery optimisation, fleet tracking, and more, Bing Maps provides intelligent mapping and powerful services for fleet management and logistics solutions.

Multi-Itinerary Optimization (MIO) API

The MIO API is a REST service that automates the process of building itineraries for multiple operators such as delivery drivers, sales representatives, or field services teams, and optimises routes across multiple destinations – supporting up to 200 agents and 2000 waypoints – to save travel time and fuel costs.

Isochrone API

Calculate the area that can be reached from a designated starting point to an end point within a set time period. The polygon provides a visualisation of the travel time/distance area on a map.

Truck Routing API

Customised routes that can be specifically travelled by trucks and commercial vehicles. Using a series of waypoints and attributes, the routes take into consideration the height, weight, and length of the vehicle, and include information such as road restrictions, traffic conditions, legal restrictions including HAZMAT, waterways, tunnels, travel distance and travel duration.

Snap to Road API

Accurate route tracking for asset tracking and fleet management solutions. GPS data points are converted and snapped to the nearest roads on a map. Includes the names of the roads and associated speed limits.

Distance Matrix API

A vehicle routing solution that can solve the travelling salesperson challenge by calculating travel time and distances for a matrix of many starting points and destinations, visualising routes to help you make better route planning decisions. With an optional travel-time histogram for predictive traffic scenarios.

Location Intelligence

Transform business data.
Most business data has a geolocation component. Build contextually relevant applications to transform your business intelligence into location intelligence. Bing Maps provides a visual way to better analyse, plan, and monitor business processes and performance on a custom map.

Local Search API

Benefit from the additional location intelligence of local search to get actionable insight into businesses and entities nearby.
The Bing Maps Local Search API is a simple-to-use REST API that provides insights into businesses and entities that can be reached by car, on foot, or public transit. Query for businesses by name, category or free text; score the attractiveness of a location based on the proximity to points of interest.

Autosuggest API

The Autosuggest API is used to return a list of suggested entities based on a user’s partial query. The service can return three possible entity types: Addresses (including roads), points of interest, and Businesses, which are currently only available in the U.S. A maximum of ten autosuggested entities can be returned per request, and the returned entities can be delimited by country and culture.

Time Zone API

Represent global time zones with the Windows and IANA Time Zone standards, which provide a well-defined structure for representing global time zones. It can get complicated when different regions change the way they apply daylight saving time. The Bing Maps Time Zone API makes it easy to find a time zone and daylight savings time for a location by query or latitude and longitude co-ordinates. It can also convert datetime stamps to local time zones with daylight savings time information or by retrieving a Time Zone ID.

Spatial Data Services

Get three key capabilities with the Bing Spatial Data Services (SDS): Batch geocoding, point of interest data (PoI), and the ability to store and expose your spatial data.

You can submit large numbers of addresses for batch-geocoding and GPS-coordinates for reverse geocoding. Download the results or store your spatial data and retrieve your PoI through the SDS Query API. Outside of your own PoI, you can also query PoI from public data sources grouped into categories.

Locations API

Use high-powered geocoding and reverse geocoding with the Locations API.
Find a location based on co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) and other values like postal code, address, and query string.
For a reverse geocoding service that gives you insightful information about a specified location use the Location Recognition API. When given location co-ordinates (latitude/ longitude), the Bing Maps Location Recognition API returns a comprehensive description of the location along with points of interest.

Top 5 reasons to use Bing Maps

Data privacy

Users’ data will not be shared with third parties.

24/7 Support

Account, licensing, technical, and critical support.

Developer friendly

Easy-to-use, with documentation, code samples, developer forum.

Full Microsoft integration

PowerBI, Dynamics 365, Visual Studio, SQL Server, PowerApps and more.

Global coverage

100+ languages, 200+ countries including China and Japan.

Maps SDK for Android and iOS

SDKs for Android and iOS to integrate fully featured map controls into mobile applications including positioning, 3D mapping (3D Native support from Windows UWP control) and voice guided turn by turn navigation, with a consistent look and feel across web, Windows, and mobile.

You can add to both road and aerial views with worldwide 3D elevation data employing the Digital Elevation Model. You can also add content to road maps with symbolic 3D building. If 3D is not necessary for your scenario, the SDK supports a standard Web Mercator projection.


Use Cases

Routing for deliveries

Automate schedules for multiple field teams and optimise their routes across multiple destinations for improved performance including last mile.

Asset tracking

Track and monitor your fleet of vehicles, food delivery services, shipping containers, or mobile workforce in real time on a map to improve performance and customer service.

Retail and eCommerce

Identify new retail locations based on demographics, warehouse and public transport locations. eCommerce sites use store locators, and validate customer addresses with geocoding.

Location Intelligence

Visualise sales results and other KPIs by location and analyse demographics, competitor analysis, and sales trends. Use custom thematic maps to build contextually relevant applications.

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