For over 20 years, Exclaimer has been the recognised category leader in email signature solutions for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Exchange. Exclaimer solutions enable companies to manage their employees’ email signatures centrally and deliver consistent branding, promotions, disclaimers and compliance statements, while substantially cutting admin overheads.

Headquartered just outside of London and with regional offices worldwide, Exclaimer’s solutionsare used by over 45,000 customers in 150+ countries with some companies holding licenses for over 300,000 users. Its diverse customer base includes renowned international organisations such as Sony, Mattel, NBC, Bank of America, Sonepar, Greif, 10 Downing Street, the BBC, the Government of Canada, the Academy Awards, and many more organisations of all sectors and sizes.

The company has been the recipient of multiple industry awards over the years and was the first company of its type to successfully achieve the ISO/IEC27001 Certification for its cloud-based signature management service.

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Make the most of every email your employees send

Powerfully simple, secure, and trusted by global brands for over 20 years, Exclaimer's solutions enable your entire business to benefit from the full potential of the email signature.

Marketing campaigns

Complement your campaigns and drive conversions with messaging and promotional content for target audiences at the perfect time.

Email compliance

Ensure every email is on-brand and has the right legal disclaimers and compliance messaging for industry, local, national, or international regulations.

Accurate contact details

Automatically sync contact details from your Azure Active Directory or Google Directory. Grant access for users to edit their own details such as pronouns and working hours.

Real-time insights

Track every click to precisely measure the success of your email signature templates and campaigns.

Why Grey Matter?

  • As an Exlcaimer partner, we can provide you with licensing, advice, free trials, demos, and great discounts.
  • We understand the importance of leveraging emails for promotion and compliance.

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