Design, development and deployment tools.

For technical teams who manage complex data environments, IDERA offers productivity tools that allow you to minimise risk and maximise profitability. IDERA delivers tools that span on-premises, cloud and hybrid platforms and put you in full control of the data management lifecycle — letting you tame big data challenges and turn cost centres into growth assets. IDERA is a division of Idera, Inc.


ER/Studio solutions help your business and technical stakeholders map your complex data landscape, building a solid foundation for data governance. Create a business-driven data architecture to organise information, govern data and unify the business.

The Benefits

Increase productivity

Boost the performance of your mission-critical databases with enterprise-scale monitoring, policy-based management, alerting, reporting, and more.

Ensure data quality

Improve your data quality for reliable business decisions by modelling your enterprise's architecture to establish the foundation for data warehouses.

Build effective data governance

Prevent security breaches and ensure regulatory compliance with strong access policies and activity auditing across your entire organisation.

Why Grey Matter?

  • Grey Matter has been supporting developers and ISVs with software licensing since 1983.
  • We can provide you with licensing and advice on which products and editions best suit your needs.
  • We work closely with Idera Inc and offer their full portfolio of vendors and products.

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