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Microsoft is one of the world’s leading providers of cloud technologies. We’ve been a Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for the best part of 50 years. Specialising in providing expert licensing advice, commercial, and technical services, we are here to help you succeed using Microsoft technologies.


Microsoft is a home for developers. Having invested heavily in its developer tools and platforms, Microsoft offers a favourite IDE with Visual Studio and a smart way for dev and operation teams to integrate with Azure DevOps.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio offers an integrated development environment for targeting any app, any language, any platform. Whether you’re developing for the web, cloud, Windows, mobile or gaming gives you the power to code faster and work smarter.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is made up of individual services that can be bought together or separately to enable and enhance CI/CD workflows. In Azure DevOps you’ll find agile planning tools, an automation tool for builds and deployments, flexible Git hosting, manual and exploratory testing tools, and a universal package repository. 


GitHub is part of Microsoft’s suite of tools for developers. It is designed and optimised for distributed teams, enabling developers to code, collaborate and deliver software remotely.

GitHub provides the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git with additional features. These include access to control and collaboration tools such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management and wikis for your IT projects. GitHub is the part of the DevOps toolset.

Business Applications

Microsoft offers a range of integrated services that offer purpose-built apps to help manage specific business functions. These are the tools you need to capture new business opportunities and improve efficiencies.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is an ERP and CRM system that uses AI solutions to deliver intelligent data insights. It includes a range of modular applications that have been specifically designed to support different business functions and importantly, break down the siloes between them. From sales teams out in the field, to finance and operations teams managing supply chains.

You can adapt Dynamics 365 to do exactly what you need it to do, piecing together different applications to create a complete platform that does exactly what you need it to do. Dynamics 365 recognises no two businesses are the same.

Here are just a few ways that applications within the Dynamics 365 solution can be combined to create a platform that perfectly fits with your business requirements.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft’s Power Platform is made up of applications that are powerful alone but better together. Combine Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents to build end-to-end business solutions that will empower your business to solve challenges rapidly and cost-effectively. By connecting them to other Microsoft apps like Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure you can create complex solutions with relative ease.

Modern Workplace

Microsoft’s modern workplace encompasses a number of solutions that work together to create just that – a modern place to work. Upgrading your operating system and applications will enhance security, increase IT efficiencies, and team productivity.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Businesses face numerous challenges as the modern workplace continues to transition towards an AI-powered future. The modern business is tasked with becoming more productive, creative, and collaborative through their engagement with AI. Microsoft 365 Copilot integrates within all of your Microsoft 365 applications, uniting them and putting one of the most powerful AI productivity tools on the planet at your fingertips.

Microsoft Teams

Today’s workplace presents teams with many different challenges. Working remotely, frequent travel, flexible working schedules, and multiple communication channels. Microsoft Teams helps to bring your teams together with one central hub. Microsoft Teams brings chat, calls, documents, photos, and videos together in one place. Integrate all your favourite apps so that you can access everything you need from one interface, rather than having to jump between several.

Windows 365

Windows 365 streams your personalised apps, settings, and content streamed from the Microsoft cloud to any device, giving you and your organisation the ability to be more agile and productive. Windows 365 combines the power and security of the cloud with the versatility and simplicity of the PC. From contractors and interns to software developers and industrial designers, Windows 365 enables a variety of new scenarios for the new world of work.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Set up Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) in minutes to enable secure remote work. Provide the familiarity and compatibility of Windows 11 with the new scalable multi-session experience for your end-users and save costs by using existing eligible Windows licences. Manage your end-to-end Azure Virtual Desktop deployment alongside other Azure services within the Azure portal.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is made up of Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility and Security (EM+S). A powerhouse OS, a flexible suite of productivity tools, and an advanced intelligent security suite that will give you a unified solution. As great together as they are individually, you can mix and match Windows 10, Office 365 and EM+S to suit your needs.

Intelligent Cloud

Microsoft’s intelligent cloud is the public cloud meets artificial technology (AI), creating a home for every type of intelligent application and system you can envision. Enhanced by the intelligent edge – a continually expanding set of connected systems and devices that gather and analyse data.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s intelligent cloud platform made up of over 200 products and cloud services. Designed to let you build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge it allows you to solve the challenges you have today as well as build for the future. Choose your languages and tools, build and scale without constraint.

SQL Server

Microsoft’s relational database management system. Allowing you to query across relational, non-relational, structured and unstructured data using your language and platform of choice you can make faster, better decisions. While achieving your security and compliance goals.

Windows Server

Use Microsoft Windows Server to modernise your applications. Enable new hybrid cloud scenarios with the ability to extend your data centre to Azure, benefit from enhanced multi-layer security, to build and deploy diverse applications.

Azure IoT

Enable highly secure and reliable communication between your Internet of Things (IoT) application and the devices it manages. Azure IoT Hub provides a cloud-hosted solution back-end to connect any device virtually. Extend your solution from the cloud to the edge with per-device authentication, built-in device management and scaled provisioning.

  • Security-enhanced communication channel for sending and receiving data from IoT devices
  • Device Update for IoT Hub enables over-the-air deployment of updates to help keep IoT devices up to date and secure
  • Full integration with Azure Event Grid and serverless compute, simplifying IoT application development
  • Compatibility with Azure IoT Edge for building hybrid IoT applications

Azure Maps

Powerful Azure-based geospatial services, APIs and SDKs to build location-aware web and mobile applications. Harness the intelligence of Azure to create solutions for IoT (the Location of Things), AI, Digital Twins, and enterprise systems.
Azure Maps is natively hosted in the Azure cloud, so you get Azure security and scale and enhanced data privacy and protection.

Microsoft Partner Programmes

Our close, long-standing relationship with Microsoft and decades of experience have helped to inform our unique Microsoft Partner Programmes.

Microsoft ISV Partner Programme

This programme is for you if you want to resell Microsoft cloud subscriptions as standard licences or build them into your own solution.

Microsoft CSP Customer Programme

This programme is for when you want to purchase Microsoft cloud products and solutions for your own company’s use.

Microsoft Reseller Partner Programme

Our ISV Partner Programme combines technical and commercial support to match your Go-To-Market model.

Microsoft services

We offer a range of Microsoft services delivered by our team of Microsoft certified engineers and architects. Whether you need support re-architecting your application to the cloud or deploying Microsoft 365 for your business we can help.

Why Grey Matter?

  • We are a Microsoft specialist and four Solution Designations.
  • We’re one of only three partners in the UK, and 45 globally, to be recognised by Microsoft as an ‘Azure Specialist for ISV’.
  • As a Microsoft Direct and Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), you can choose the Go-To-Market model that best suits you.

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