Endpoint protection and encryption.

Becrypt provides endpoint protection products and services that help organisations focus on their core business activities. Using government-accredited security platforms and standards, they help our customers safely and rapidly deploy mobile and end-user devices to access cloud services, driving greater business flexibility, agility and productivity.

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Paradox is an easy to use yet highly resilient endpoint platform that guarantees endpoint devices remain free from commodity malware and provides strong protection against elevated threats and targeted cyber-attacks. Paradox is easy to deploy and its unique measured software execution ensures that no applications or system components have been tampered with.

For many organisations, an increasingly large number of users are primarily consuming cloud or online services, with their devices becoming little more than a platform to launch a browser. Yet the combination of feature-laden operating systems and third-party client applications presents a level of software complexity that remains the target of compromise for the majority of cyber-attacks.

Paradox dramatically simplifies the endpoint environment, providing an intuitive browser-based user experience, delivering cost savings with unrivalled enterprise security.


MDM+ is a secure Mobile Device Management solution that reduces the risks and complexities of mobile platforms in the workplace.

Becrypt has worked closely with the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to support the enhanced security characteristics of NCSC’s Advanced Mobile Solutions programme, resulting in the first MDM platform that can support dynamic Deep Packet Inspection.