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Every ISV, application developer, SaaS provider, and software house is unique. We understand that you’ll have different requirements for developing, deploying, and maintaining your application.

We can support your ISV cloud strategy with commercial insight and with technical services. No matter the industry you work in, the size of your organisation, or whether you’re on-premises, hybrid or use a cloud platform.

Why do ISVs choose us? On this page, you’ll find all the ways our partner solution architects, and certified specialists can help ISVs like you accelerate your growth.

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  • 1 of 3 partners in the UK and 45 globally to have Microsoft ‘Azure specialist for ISV’ status
  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for direct and indirect sale
  • Bing Maps global distributor
  • SPLA provider
  • HERE Technologies authorised distributor
  • ISV Royalty UK Sole Distributor

Hybrid Working for ISVs

With most businesses embracing the hybrid or remote working approach, there are challenges involved with enabling business continuity, productivity, embracing the cloud as well as ensuring everything is secure. We offer software and technical services for ISVs that cover a wide range of areas to ensure your hybrid working approach is a success. Collaborate on code together, manage projects and utilise digital signatures for paperless and quicker contract management.

Cyber Security Solutions

Benefit from compliance and multi-layered protection for your IP, data and devices against theft and loss with our wide range of cyber security solutions. From backup and disaster recovery, endpoint protection, to application monitoring, encryption, multi-factor authentication, mobile device management and much more. We also partner with a solicitor that is able to provide advice on IP law.

Key Cyber Security Solutions for ISVs

Revenera helps software and technology companies to use open source solutions more effectively, by finding and mitigating security and licence compliance issues early in the development process and in their continuous delivery process. They help them understand how their products are being used so they can make better decisions. And they are the enabler for modern business models and the effective enforcement of these models.
Revenera has more than three decades of history in software licensing and compliance, growing organically and through acquisitions and providing market-leading solutions that help software companies significantly grow their revenues and save operational costs.

Acronis provides backup and data protection solutions for all your data on-premises, remote, private cloud, public cloud and mobile.
Grey Matter is proud to be an Acronis Gold Partner. We have dedicated cyber security licensing experts who can offer great licensing advice, demos and pricing. We can even provide the Acronis tools to service providers so that they can provide a managed service to their end users.
Contact us to book a demo, free trial, a consultation with our specialist, or to get a quote.

Veeam solutions backup and replicate data and enable cloud mobility.
Whether you’re using the cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises, virtual or physical servers, Veeam’s suite of solutions enables customers to benefit from agility, availability and business acceleration.
Grey Matter is proud to be a Veeam Silver Partner. We have dedicated cyber security licensing specialists that can help you with all of your cyber security queries and requirements.

Sophos protects more than 400,000 organisations of all sizes in more than 150 countries from today’s most advanced cyber threats. Powered by SophosLabs, their cloud-native and AI-enhanced solutions can adapt and evolve to secure endpoints and networks against never-before-seen cybercriminal tactics and techniques.
Grey Matter is a Sophos Gold Reseller. We have a cyber security licensing specialist that can help you with any questions you have; contact us for more information, demos, quotes and exclusive discounts.

For 30 years, ESET has been developing industry-leading IT security software and services for businesses and consumers worldwide. With solutions ranging from endpoint and mobile security to encryption and multi-factor authentication, ESET’s high-performing, easy-to-use products give you peace of mind to enjoy the full potential of their technology.
Grey Matter is an ESET Platinum Partner. Benefit from competitive pricing as well as licensing advice from our cyber security expert.
Contact us to book a consultation with our cyber security expert.

Mapping Tools

We can help you bring your location-enabled applications to life, whether it’s for fleet management, business intelligence or dynamic user experiences. We are globally recognised mapping licensing experts, working with the leading geospatial vendors such as Azure Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps, HERE Technologies, Precisely, and ESRI.

Developer Tools

We can help you to create code faster, modernise your systems and have everything you need for the whole traditional development lifecycle – design > build > test > deploy or the agile DevOps approach. Access a broad range of tools, technical services and licensing advice to ensure your development project is a success.

Below are just some of the developer solutions we offer.

Key Developer Solutions for ISVs

Whole Tomato Software, part of the Idera Inc developer tools portfolio, is the creator of Visual Assist.
Visual Assist is an extension for C, C++ and C# developers to enhance productivity.
Buy Visual Assist on our webshop now.

Microsoft is one of the world’s leading providers of cloud technologies. We’ve been a Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for the best part of 50 years. Specialising in providing expert licensing advice, commercial, and technical services, we are here to help you succeed using Microsoft technologies.

Embarcadero Technologies’ developer tools enable you to securely build and maintain scalable applications faster using C++ and Delphi. 90 of the Fortune 100 and an active community of more than three million users worldwide have relied on Embarcadero’s award-winning products for over 30 years. Embarcadero is an Idera Inc. Company.
Grey Matter is an Embarcadero Master Reseller and we have a dedicated team that specialises in supporting customers with Embarcadero licensing advice and exclusive discounts.
Please contact us for more information. Terms and conditions apply.
RAD Studio 12.1 Athens is now available with lots of great new features and productivity benefits.
Buy new licences on our webshop.

Solve routing challenges with HERE Location Services, optimised to drive performance, accuracy, and value, powered by location intelligence. Grey Matter is the Authorised Distributor of HERE Technologies. We work closely with HERE to provide its innovative location technology to ISVs and developers worldwide.
*HERE Technologies is recognised as the number one location platform by Omdia’s Location Platform Index since 2017, including the powerful capabilities in mapping and the strongest privacy credentials for consumer data.

Intel Software’s tools can help you at every stage of the development process – build, analysis, debugging and tuning. Accelerate application performance to increase reliability and scalability. Transform code into high-performance solutions for distributed processing and HPC environments, making your applications even more efficient and amazing using the Intel oneAPI Toolkits.
Grey Matter is an Intel Software Elite Reseller. Please contact us for licensing advice, quotes and exclusive discounts.

JetBrains specialises in intelligent, productivity-enabling tools to help you write clean, quality code across .NET, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C# and C++ platforms throughout all stages of development.
Automate routine checks and corrections, and tools speed up production, freeing developers to grow, discover, collaborate, and create. Plus, utilise team tools to enhance the employee experience, and make the most out of your data with their data science tools.
Grey Matter is proud to be a JetBrains Premium Reseller. Contact us for pricing, free trials and product information.

LANSA takes enterprise application development efficiency to a level beyond what traditional low code development platforms offer.
LANSA combines low code and traditional coding in the same IDE. One IDE to develop progressive web and desktop applications.
Develop web and desktop applications using many of the same assets.
Contact us now for LANSA licensing advice and pricing.

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open-source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to deliver reliable and high-performing Linux, hybrid cloud, container and Kubernetes technologies.
Red Hat helps customers integrate new and existing IT applications, develop cloud-native applications, standardise on its industry-leading operating system and automate, secure and manage complex environments.
Award-winning support, training and consulting services make Red Hat a trusted advisor to the Fortune 500. A
s a strategic partner to cloud providers, system integrators, application vendors, customers and open-source communities, Red Hat can help organisations prepare for the digital future.
Grey Matter is proud to be a Red Hat reseller.

At SmartBear, quality is a priority. They are always looking for ways to streamline the software development lifecycle.
SmartBear span from test automation, API lifecycle, collaboration, performance testing, test management, and more. Their tools are built to streamline your process while seamlessly working with the products you currently use. SmartBear tools equip the team for every stage of the software cycle.
SmartBear supports over 16 million users, across 24,000 organisations from over 194 countries.

Infragistics has a wide range of UI controls and tools for developers and UX professionals to use to create beautiful applications for web, mobile and desktop.
From design and development tools, UX, business intelligence to team productivity, use the tools to create great user experiences.

Microsoft Licensing and CSP

We are here to make sure that you have the right software, correctly licensed. We specialise in a wide range of Microsoft licensing from direct and indirect CSP, SPLA, ISV Royalty, SQL Server, volume licensing and more. We can also help you take your solution to market and access Microsoft Marketplace.

Microsoft ISV Partner Programme

Not restricted to either a Direct or Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) purchase model, our ISV Partner Programme combines technical services for ISVs and commercial support to match your Go-To-Market model.

Whether you're delivering your application as a SaaS multi-tenant solution or in another way, we can help you develop your cloud strategy and make the most out of Microsoft tools and partnership.

GMCirrus for Direct CSPs

Go-To-Market Support

Get your solution into the market faster and reach new customers. We have a deep understanding of ISVs' requirements and what you need to succeed when it comes to going out to market. 

  • GMCirrus is our white-labelled licence management and marketplace platform to allow you to easily manage customer licensing and billing.  
  • Reach more cutsomers through Azure Marketplace. We can help you to get your application listed.  
  • Sell your software through the channel to reach even more audiences – we can explore the opportunity of selling through us, and other divisions in the Climb Global Solutions group.  
  • Manage CSP and other contracts with customers and clients – use one of our partner’s comprehensive, secure electronic signature solutions.  
  • IP law support.


From events and webinars to blogs and community groups, we can help you get the latest industry news, provide updates from the experts as well as connect you with peers.

We've hosted cloud workshops and labs, presentations with some of our biggest vendors as well as a yearly dedicated ISV partner conference with Microsoft. 

Technical Services for ISVs

Our technical services team, Climb Global Services, combine deep technical knowledge with a pragmatic approach and a commercial mind. The team are here to provide you with hands-on support with your cloud strategy. Whether it’s supporting you with rearchitecting your applications for the cloud, helping you to get started with cloud-native app development, or helping you with the ongoing management and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure.

  • Azure Migration
  • Azure Health Check
  • Azure Monitoring Services
  • Azure Rearchitecture

Why Grey Matter?

  • We have been supporting ISVs and application builders for many years
  • We understand how different ISVs work and can support you throughout your journey
  • Multiple cloud, licensing and mapping accreditations
  • Dedicated ISV account management team to support all your needs
  • Wide catalogue of solutions for all of your needs, making procurement easy
  • Technical services to help you make the most out of the cloud

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