Microsoft Azure Maps

Microsoft Azure Maps

Powerful Azure-based geospatial services to build location-aware web and mobile applications   

Leverage the advanced location intelligence of Azure to create solutions for IoT, AI, Digital Twins, and enterprise systems. Explore all the customisation and feature rich benefits of the Azure Maps platform and develop mapping software with better accuracy, built-in security, and cost optimisation.

Azure Maps features


Create apps that provide details about nearby points of interest (POI), render locations on a map and geocode an address to get coordinates or reverse geocode to get an address from coordinates.


Develop mobility solutions that improve travel time, offer multiple alternative routes around traffic jams, insight into the length of the backup and the time it takes to get through it, and a faster travel experience during rush hour.


Integrate clear, easy-to-read maps into your your cross platform solutions by leveraging the Web Map SDK or Render API. Azure Maps content updates dynamically, so your customers get constantly refreshed information. Build web and mobile apps with web and Android SDKs.


Present the shortest or fastest routes available, to multiple destinations at a time, or provide specialist routes and facts for walkers and commercial vehicles. Optimise route calculations with isochrones, matrix routing and batch routing.


Create and publish indoor maps maintaining control of design, distribution, scale and access by converting various mapping file formats to be used in conjunction with Azure Maps and other Azure services.

Weather Service

Powered by Accuweather, obtain current weather conditions, weather forecast and weather along a route to enable weather-based decisions within your applications. 

Time Zones

Make it easy for users to see what time it is anywhere in the world. Select a location to find the time zone, its offset to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and daylight saving time updates. 


Look up the country of an IP address. Customise content and services based on user location and gain insight on customer geographic distribution.

Data Registry Service

Create, manage and store data assets within an organisation in an Azure Storage Account with your Azure maps account. Ensure data accuracy and reliability to streamline processes and enable better insights.

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Azure Maps in Action 

Azure Maps is designed for the seamless integration of mapping, geocoding, routing, traffic, and time zone queries into Azure IoT and enterprise systems. 


 Logistics and Fleet Management 

  • Plan efficient delivery routes, considering traffic conditions and delivery time windows 
  • Monitor vehicle locations in real time for better fleet management 
  • Optimise warehouse locations based on proximity to suppliers and customers 

Smart Cities 

  • Employ Azure Maps for real-time urban infrastructure monitoring and optimisation 
  • Manage traffic, parking solutions, and public transportation effectively 
  • Enhance emergency response systems by analysing real-time location data 

Business Intelligence 

  • Enhance decision-making processes by analysing geospatial data 
  • Optimize supply chain routes, identify market opportunities, and improve resource allocation 
  • Visualize sales data on maps to identify high-performing regions

Environmental Monitoring 

  • Track pollution levels, deforestation, and wildlife habitats using geospatial data 
  • Monitor natural disasters and assess their impact on affected areas
  • Overlay flood plan models and other historical trends for insurance and actuarial data visualisation



End-to-End Security and Built-in Compliance on Azure 

Intelligent security analytics backed by cloud scale and speed using powerful AI to identify threats across devices, users, apps and servers 

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Azure Maps is natively hosted in the Azure cloud, so you get Azure security and scale with enhanced data privacy and protection  

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Your mapping spend and your Microsoft cloud subscriptions can be aligned to one simplified Azure bill.

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  • Access to our managed services and additional solutions on request

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