One tool for all databases and operating systems

DbVisualizer is one of the world’s most popular database editors.

Developers, analysts, and DBAs use it to elevate their experience with modern tools to build, understand, manage and maintain databases. It helps you generate and optimize SQL queries, use variables in SQL statements, compare queries, generate ERDs, manage database-specific objects, edit table data like a spreadsheet, set up monitoring, use CLI, and so much more.

It connects to all popular databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Cassandra, Snowflake, SQLite, BigQuery, and 20+ more) and runs on all popular OSes (Windows, macOS, and Linux).

With 6 million downloads and Pro-users in 150 countries worldwide, it won’t let you down. Free and Pro versions available.

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The Benefits

For developers, analysts and DBAs

The highest performer among the universal database tools for universal database management systems

Connects to all major databases

What's new in DbVisualizer 24.1?

A major overhaul has been applied to the SQL editor

The latest update completely rebuilt the editor from the ground up, aiming to enhance user-friendliness and efficiency. This new version incorporates numerous improvements, both large and small, all designed to provide users with a superior working environment.

Enhanced Find and Replace functionality:

Users can now seamlessly switch between find and replace functions, effortlessly choose search options like case sensitivity and whole word matching, utilize regular expressions for complex searches, and navigate between matches with ease. All of this is accessible through a straightforward inline panel.

dbvisualizer gif
DbVisualizer gif

You’ll also see updates to how you create new connections, how the master password behaves, performance improvements, better database support, and more.

To see all changes in DbVisualizer 24.1, please see the Release Notes.


Powerful SQL editor

Modern SQL coding. With the help of intelligent autocomplete, visual query builders, variables and much more, we are able to let users spend less time on mundane coding tasks and more time on actual problem-solving.

Security built-in

DbVisualizer is built to meet rigorous security standards. Set up encryption for all data that goes to and from the application, set user permissions to avoid alteration of sensitive data, and enforce strong local passwords. All are configurable directly in DbVisualizer.

Universal database management

Works with all your databases. You’ll be able to connect to the most popular data sources and work with their custom object types directly in the client. You’ll also find tools for database visualisation and optimisation, helping you work smarter and faster.

Configurable to fit your workflow

Make it yours. You can fully control window layouts, key bindings, UI themes, mark scripts, and database objects as "favourite" for quick access or even work outside of DbVisualizer with the command-line interface. You are in full control.

Simple data management

Harness the power of SQL with the simplicity of a spreadsheet. With simple query tools, inline data editing, and powerful exports you have everything you need to manage your data with fewer queries and with full control.

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