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Use IoT to make the most of digital intelligence to optimise your business growth

For most people, IoT represents internet connected devices – from smart fridges that order your milk, to industrial machines that book themselves in for repairs. But dig a little deeper and there’s a world of opportunity based on the data these devices collect and the real-time business insights they provide.

If you are an ISV developing an IoT solution, our IoT Kickstart Programme, created in partnership with Microsoft, provides you with expertise, support, and resources you need. Together, we’ll ensure your infrastructure and technology meet the requirements of scalability and resiliency to deliver a successful solution.

Unsure if IoT is for you? Book a discovery call with one of our specialists and they’ll give you honest, impartial advice.

  • Learn about the commercial gains and technical possibilities of IoT with our IoT Discovery Workshop
  • Join our IoT Kick Start Programme, designed in conjunction with Microsoft
  • Work with our in-house Microsoft accredited Azure IoT architects.
  • Microsoft has certified Grey Matter as an 'Azure specialist for ISVs'. 1 of only 45 globally.

Digital Twins and Smart Cities

To fully unlock their economic, social, environmental, and business value, cities need to use digital technologies to transform and interconnect key areas of their ecosystem - from roads to cars, buildings to energy grids, citizens to government, and cities to cities.

Creating a digital twin* of urban spaces allows cities to model, monitor and control physical infrastructure. Indoor maps and location analytics are rapidly becoming an essential element of smart building applications built to help optimise operations and space occupant experiences.

To learn more, watch the recording of a webinar we held in partnership with Microsoft.

*A digital twin is a digital model of a physical object. They allow simulations to be run that can identify performance improvements or potential risks.


To date, the construction industry hasn't generally adopted IoT at the scale of other industries, but it can help address three key pressures the industry faces. It also gives ISVs with a targeted proposition more room to move as it's a less competitive market.

  • Health and Safety: When workers wear connected devices their on-site location can be tracked in real time allowing managers to see dangerous behaviours before accidents happen and implemented targeted and specifc training.
  • Project Optimisation: Project managers have to balance the competing pressures of timeline demands, workforce shortages and supply chain issues. By automatically tracking deliveries and combining this with data points such as workforce availability and weather, project managers can optimise their schedules to minimise downtime.
  • Environmental Impact: From the dynamic scheduling of vehicle movements to optimise routing efficiency, to the automated sorting of waste materials, IoT devices and data they deliver in real time can help the construction industry minimise its environmental impact.
Building windows

Transport and Logistics

Mapping Fleet Management and Logistics

From the automatic ordering of replacement parts to rescheduling maintenance workers' schedule, the transport and logistics industry can be lucrative for ISVs.

  • Increased Safety: By combining in cab IoT devices, vehicle telematics and AI driven predictive analytics, driver behaviour can be monitored and both driver and managers alerted if an accident is likely to occur.
  • Route Optimisation: The real-time tracking and monitoring of moving assets, wherever they are in the world, combined with location intelligence services increases safety, efficiency and reliability. For example, heavy vehicle movements can be optimised to ensure compliance and minimised disruption.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Combining historic and live asset performance data allows operators to be more efficient and effective with their preventative maintenance.


IoT enables manufacturers to optimise operations and improve processes to ultimately improve customer satisfaction. These actionable insights are made possible by collecting, combining and analysing valuable data from a network of IoT sensor devices.

  • Optimised factory operations: Reduce cycle time, increase machine utilisation, reduce unplanned downtime
  • Improve product quality: Reduce manufacturing defects, identify design features causing problems
  • Improve customer experience: Respond more quickly to issues, help them optimise their usage of your product.
IoT Manufacturing

Building a secure IoT solution in Azure

Security is an obvious concern with IoT; with potentially thousands of distributed and connected devices, organisations need to know their data is safe.

In this 45 minute webinar we discuss digital transformation, solution architecture and our IoT Kickstart programme. They also cover real-world customer stories so you can see how businesses are already building and using secure IoT solutions in Azure.

The IoT Kickstart Programme - designed in conjuction with Microsoft

Microsoft's IoT Signals research revealed that many IoT projects are stuck in the proof of concept stage due to a lack of infrastructure and the complexity of scaling and managing systems. Our IoT Kickstart Programme was designed in conjunction with Microsoft to break this deadlock and take businesses from an idea to real-world deployment as quickly as possible and prove the value IoT can deliver. Best of all, it's heavily subsidised.

The multi-phase programme provides you with access to our technical services team and IoT specialists from Microsoft. If you are already underway with an IoT project, you can choose which phase is the most relevant and helpful.

We start by understanding your objectives and strategy before undertaking a series of activities to support your technical adoption of IoT and help you build an IoT business model. And if you're developing solutions to sell on, we'll even help define your value proposition and go-to-market plan.

To learn more...

Call: +44 (0) 1364 654 100


Why is IoT relevant to my business? How do we get value from it?

We hear those questions every day, so if you’re asking them, you’re in good company. If you want to know more about IoT before committing to the full IoT Kickstart Programme, our IoT Discovery Workshop is for you.

It’s split into three parts across six hours. We start with the strategic and commercial gains before investigating the technical possibilities. We then go on to discuss how it can apply to your business and where IoT adds value. As it's a blend of commercial and technical, your business will get the most value from the workshop when it’s attended by senior staff from across the business.

To learn more…

Call: +44 (0) 1364 654 100



1. Objectives

The first phase is designed to understand your high level objectives and goals. It’s important that your key stakeholders are involved.


2. Discovery

Together we'll explore the solution allowing you to discover what’s possible with Azure IoT in relation to performance, resilience, your internal resources and your goals.


3. Design

Our Microsoft experts will review your strategic objectives in detail so our architects can align the technology blueprint of the IoT/data integration with the business' requirements.


4. Assess

We review the proposed architecture report with you and supply you with a detailed architectural diagram to use as a ‘now’ and ‘future’ reference.

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5. Deploy

We will work closely with you to deploy and configure the Azure resources, ensuring proof of value, security, and best practices.


6. Review

This is a call with all key programme stakeholders. We’ll review your programme involvement and agree appropriate technical adoption and go to market next steps.

Case Study: how Grey Matter brought IoT to life

Eurosoft Group is a leading provider of IT solutions and services, operating out of the UK and Singapore. They have three core markets - Smart Buildings, Assisted Living and Financial Services - and are working to build a Smart Port in Plymouth.

In this video case study, their Chairman, Russ Cole, and Grey Matter's Microsoft Alliance Manager, Chris Chandler, discuss the project and how our IoT programme has helped them.

To discover how Grey Matter can help bring your IoT project to fruition, contact us today.

Why Grey Matter for IoT?

  • ISVs are core to our DNA so we understand the commercial and technical challenges you face.
  • We’re one of only 45 partners globally, to be recognised by Microsoft as an ‘Azure Specialist for ISV’.
  • Microsoft chose Grey Matter to develop the IoT kickstart programme - it's not available anywhere else.
  • You'll work hand-in-hand with our in-house IoT architects and Microsoft Alliance Manager.

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