Low code development platform.

LANSA takes enterprise application development efficiency to a level beyond what traditional low code development platforms offer.

LANSA combines low code and traditional coding in the same IDE. One IDE to develop progressive web and desktop applications.

Develop web and desktop applications using many of the same assets.

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The Benefits

Modernise your applications

Create modern applications that users will be able to use easily.

Build, integrate, and grow your business with ease.

Accelerate application development

Low code means creating an application is easy. Fewer developers are needed to create an app.

Build a basic app within a week.

Optimise business processes

Rapidly create professional apps and enable employees to use the extra time saved on other critical projects.

Hybrid Low Code

Visual LANSA’s hybrid low-code approach means your team can build entire apps more efficiently than any other low-code app builder on the market. Hybrid low code minimises hand-coding, eliminates supporting multiple development languages and frameworks, and provides all the tools developers need in one IDE.

flexible low code IDE - LANSA

Flexible IDE

Create enterprise-grade apps with the most-versatile low-code development platform. LANSA’s hybrid low-code approach combines low-code and traditional code, offers all of the tools developers need, and eliminates workarounds—all in one comprehensive IDE.

Convenient Repository

Manage the modules, components, and business rules vital to your applications in one location—then use them across every app. Eliminate redundancy, reduce development and improve efficiency with LANSA’s loss-code repository.


Versatile Integration

Keep your business more agile and better connected with LANSA’s integration features. Easily extend data from any database on any platform to the web, mobile, and desktop applications, and use web services and APIs to let data flow through your existing back-office systems and business processes.

Deploy Anywhere

Avoid platform, database, or interface lock-in with LANSA’s multiple deployments and migration capabilities that let you keep complete control of where and how your applications run. Write once and run your apps on any platform.

L 2

Full-Stack Development

No more looking for full-stack developers, skilled in both client-side and server-side development. Our hybrid low-code development transforms your existing team into full-stack experts with minimal training.


5 Key Criteria for Low Code Success

The demand for Application Delivery is growing faster than IT’s capacity to deliver.

The sheer number of unproductive and constantly changing frameworks and libraries adds to the backlog problem, rather than helping.

Many IT teams are now looking at low-code solutions to become more productive, but unfortunately, there are many definitions of “low-code”, and success is far from automatic.

Code Partners’ own Malcolm Groves and local Lansa experts Marjanna Frank and Fawzy Fadzlillah to discuss the 5 key criteria for a successful low-code project.

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