Cloud Storage and Data Protection.

Wasabi is on a mission to store all the world’s data by making data storage simple, affordable, fast and secure. If you have data to store, whether it’s backups, x-rays, surveillance videos, financial data, media and entertainment, or scientific data, Wasabi’s pledge is to always be the cheapest, fastest, most secure and reliable cloud storage in the world.

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The Benefits

Protects against ransomware

Quick uploads and downloads

Affordable, plus no egress or API request charges

Introduction to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Get an overview of Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and highlight the value proposition of Wasabi as it pertains to price, performance, and protection capabilities. It will also include a short discussion on potential use cases and cloud strategies.

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Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is a predictably priced, high-performance, secure object storage service that eliminates confusing storage tiers and satisfies nearly all storage performance requirements.

With Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, all data is treated equally and made readily accessible at exactly the moment it is needed with no complex tiers, fees for egress, or API requests. It is infinitely scalable to support enterprises as they evolve, and with 13 global storage regions, data is always close to the user for minimal latency.

Wasabi’s S3-compatible API seamlessly integrates with existing data solutions, enabling customers to build out a variety of cloud strategies, including on-premises to cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, data lakes, edge computing, and tape-to-cloud.

It is also designed with the highest levels of security standards, including 11x9s of durability, data encryption at rest, user authentication and access control mechanisms to securely access customer data, and object-level immutability via Object Lock to protect against ransomware, human error, equipment failure, physical damage, or other data loss incidents.

Additional Wasabi products and services

  • Wasabi Cloud NAS allows organisations to keep storage features that their on-premises cloud storage offers without ever running out of capacity.
  • Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM) is a management platform used to provision and manage accounts associated with Wasabi’s public cloud object storage service.
  • Wasabi Account Control API is an API used by WACM or Customer-developed applications for the provisioning and management of services associated with Wasabi’s public cloud object storage service.
  • Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance (Wasabi Ball) is a transfer appliance used to move data sets from customer premises storage environments to Wasabi’s public cloud object storage.
  • Wasabi Surveillance Cloud features Wasabi object storage paired with gateway software optimized for video surveillance use cases.
  • Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager allows users to replicate buckets between Wasabi regions and migrate buckets from other storage clouds or S3 on-prem.

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  • We have a team of cyber security experts who can provide licensing and general security advice
  • Access exclusive pricing and discounts

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