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Tools for the whole software or app development lifecycle 

Planning & Analysis

The very first stage of the lifecycle involves getting all the key stakeholders together to plan the project – the scope of the project, responsibilities, research and more.  

Project management and communication tools help make this a breeze. Especially if teams are hybrid. 

Define Requirements

This next stage involves detailing the requirements of the software and the project itself.  

Mind mapping, word processing and/or spreadsheet tools are used to facilitate this part of the project.


Collaboration is key when working on projects and needs to be as easy as possible, especially now that most organisations opt for the hybrid working approach. Whether that’s collaborating on code, managing projects effectively, or communicating through online meetings.


Kickstart your project by capturing the requirements, expectations and preferred design of your project using planning and modelling tools to clearly map out the project. 

Projects succeed when the design phase accurately captures requirements and expectations. Use the right tools to help you get off to the right start, from mind mapping and planning to data modelling and app design.


This is the coding phase. While some developers may be working on all aspects of the build from the data tier up to the presentation layer, others might focus on specific aspects of the project like databases, mapping and geolocation tools, or compilers. 

From IDEs with tools covering the entire lifecycle to third-party tools that provide additional benefits, we have everything you need to build modern applications.


Testing allows you to correct or fine-tune code on the fly to improve its logic and performance. Once the application is beginning to take shape, unit and load testing will help ensure the overall system is fit for purpose before go-live.


Deployment is where developers prepare and launch the product to the users. For this to happen, developers need to package the software or application for the targeted environment.

Deployment tools enable developers to automate installing, configuring, and updating software on multiple devices or servers. This saves a lot of time and hassle and ensures consistency and resilience. 


Once the application is launched, it is now important to update the software, fix bugs, and make enhancements based on the latest technology or client requirements.  

For this patch management, monitoring tools, and several other tools are used to ensure your software is constantly maintained and updated. 

Learn more about the Software Development Lifecycle 

Read our blog to find out more about the different phases of the software development lifecycle and which solutions Grey Matter offers for each stage. 


Developer Services

Our services team, Climb Global Services, combine deep technical knowledge with a pragmatic approach and a commercial mind to provide hands-on support where you need help or have gaps in resource, so you can focus on developing amazing applications that you’re proud of and users will love.

We specialise in Azure cloud services, from migrations, health checks to re-architecture.

  • Azure DevOps Migration
  • Azure Health Check Service
  • Azure Re-Architecture / Design Service
  • Azure Monitoring Service

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