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Your Project, Our Expertise

At Grey Matter, we specialize in providing the leading mapping and location technologies tailored to your unique application needs.

Since 2008, our dedicated Mapping Team has been devoted to delivering best-in-class- mapping platforms, software, and services with expert advice every step of the way. Our teams deep understanding of the geospatial market and our product ecosystem ensure you benefit form the most suitable and powerful technologies for your application.

Diverse Application Scenarios

Whether you’re integrating map controls into mobile apps, enhancing business intelligence with spatial analysis or Optimising fleet and logistics operations,
our Grey Matter Mapping team has the tools and expertise to support your goals.

Mobile SDKs

Integrate fully featured map controls into Android and iOS mobile applications including positioning, 3D mapping, customised maps, truck routing, historical traffic patterns and turn-by-turn navigation.

Business Intelligence

Spatial analysis tools to build visual dashboards and KPIs in business applications such as CRM and ERP solutions to better analyse, plan, and monitor processes and performance by geolocation.

Fleet and Logistics

Build solutions with routing and tracking services to manage small and large fleets, with advanced features including matrix routing, truck routing, geocoding, real-time traffic, ETAs and last mile.


Trusted Global Distributors

As a global distributor for Microsoft Bing Maps and HERE Technologies, we offer reliable and comprehensive mapping services that empower thousands of customers, businesses, and developers worldwide.

Looking for the right fit?

Our mapping experts can advise on a range of geospatial solutions for your applications:

  • Custom Map Styling and Visualisation 
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Routing 
  • Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding 
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software 
  • Geospatial Mapping and Imagery 
  • Indoor Mapping 
  • Last Mile Delivery 
  • Multi-Itinerary or Many to Many Routing  
  • Points of Interest (POI) Data 
  • Spatial Analytics and Insights 
  • Tour Planning 
  • Truck Routing 

No one knows mapping like we do. 

At Grey Matter, we have a dedicated Mapping Team who can advise on mapping, geospatial and location-enabled solutions that best support your latest projects. All with a consultative approach.

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