Password Management Solution

Keeper provides users with a zero-trust identity and access management solution to protect passwords, passkeys and secrets for every user on every device. Millions of consumers and thousands of businesses worldwide trust Keeper to mitigate the risk of credential-related cyber attacks.

The Benefits

Stay compliant with data regulations and security frameworks

Securely manage and create strong passwords easily

Prevent data breaches and protect your organisation's data

Stay Compliant

Keeper is FedRAMP and StateRAMP Authorized, SOC 2 Type I and II compliant, and ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018 certified.

Keeper has award-winning customer support and ranks highly in independent reviews. The solution is the only one of its kind in the industry, unifying traditional enterprise password management and PAM functionality in a simple, easy-to-deploy platform that is cost effective and highly secure.

Keeper’s Zero-Trust, Zero-Knowledge Platform

Monitor and protect every user on every device across the organisation. The platform:

  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing IT stack
  • Provides comprehensive authentication and encryption across every website, application and system employees interact with
  • Consolidates enterprise password management and PAM functionality into a single interface
  • Provides visibility, security and control of credentials across the organisation
Keeper PAM

Keeper offers an easy-to-use solution that unifies enterprise password management, connection management, secrets management and remote browser isolation into a single platform. The platform is managed by a powerful admin console that serves as a control plane, enabling visibility, security, control, event logging, auditing and compliance reporting across every user, device, and location in the organisation. Keeper seamlessly integrates with any technology stack and identity application of any size organisation, and their software products can be sold to end customers in a variety of bundles.


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