Progress products speed business app development, automate processes to configure, deploy and scale apps, and make critical data more accessible and secure.

The developer productivity solutions from Progress enable IT teams to deliver the very best UI experiences for their end-users.

From its founding in 1981 to today, Progress now has offices on six continents and thousands of customers around the globe. In recent years Progress has acquired Telerik and Ipswitch to broaden their range of products to cover data connectivity, UI, reporting, testing and monitoring.

UX/UI Tools

Productivity tools for excellent UI, visualisation and testing components for web, mobile and desktop applications as well as reporting and testing.

Kendo UI

Kendo UI is a bundle of four JavaScript UI libraries built natively for jQuery, Angular, React and Vue. Each is built with consistent API and theming, so no matter what you choose, your UI will be modern, responsive, accessible and fast.


With Telerik, enjoy the finest and most complete software development tooling collection with .NET and JavaScript UI components. Used for web, desktop and mobile applications, reporting and report management solutions, automated testing and mocking tools from the Telerik and Kendo UI suites. Plus, document processing libraries. All in one.

Secure File Transfer

Secure automated file transfer and management for sharing data between partners, colleagues and customers. This, in turn, ensures compliance.


MOVEit is an auditable managed file transfer solution. Benefit from encryption in transit and at rest, task and workflow creation and a multi-tenancy option. Plus, automated failover, a proxy gateway and file transfer from your mobile.

Infrastructure Monitoring

On-premises and cloud environment network monitoring to help you avoid downtime, troubleshoot issues, as well as track connectivity and dependencies.

WhatsUp Gold

Utilise the interactive map to gain full visibility of your company’s network devices, servers, virtual machines, wireless and cloud environments to accurately diagnose problems. Topology-aware monitoring provides smarter alerts.

Data Connectivity

Cloud and on-premises data connectivity solutions across Relational, NoSQL, Big Data and SaaS data sources. Benefits include great performance, reliability and security.


Choose from a variety of pre-built, customised and cloud-to-ground connectors, or even build your own. Use them for any of the following interfaces: ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and OData.

The Benefits

JavaScript and .NET specialists

70% of the Fortune 500 use Progress

Trusted and used by over 3 million developers

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