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Data visualisation specialists.

Steema Software SL is dedicated to the development of data visualisation tools for the purposes of statistical analysis, problem-solving and reporting.

Steema Software’s principal area of activity has been the authoring, distribution and support of software component libraries for developers, chiefly charting/data-visualisation products.

Steema’s software is used across a wide variety of many conventional and non-conventional sectors, including scientific, financial, business, industrial, sports and marketing in organisations ranging from very small to large multinationals.

Software applications and services that use Steema’s components include desktop, server, web and mobile applications.

TeeGrid for .NET

TeeGrid for .NET offers a very fast data grid for your Visual Studio projects.

TeeGrid for .NET is a native c# grid control currently available for WinForms projects and NET Core, for use as an ASP.NET Core MVC data grid rendering directly to native HTML and jsGrid grids.

The feature-packed data grid provides features such as sorting, grouping or filtering grid data, resizable columns, master-detail view, draggable selections, and grid scrolling. These built-in features can be enabled just by using a few property settings.

The data grid control can be linked to any sort of database, like a Dataset, DataSource, arrays of objects or records, pure ‘Virtual Mode’ or any other source.


TeeGrid offers a very fast grid component for Embarcadero RAD Studio, Delphi and C++, VCL and FireMonkey frameworks and Lazarus FreePascal.

The grid allows you easily and fast manage information, connect to data sources and display data. The feature set includes locked columns, searching, filtering, sorting and grouping data, master-detail view, draggable selections, and grid scrolling. Includes 100% source code.

TeeChart Pro VCL/FMX

TeeChart Pro VCL allows you to create general-purpose and specialised chart and graphing applications for all areas including business, engineering, financial, statistical, scientific, medical, real-time, and the web. Over 60 chart types in 2D and 3D for data visualisation, 56 mathematical, statistical and financial functions for you to choose from together with an unlimited number of axes and 30 Palette components. TeeChart Pro VCL full 100% Delphi source code is available.

TeeChart for .NET

TeeChart for .NET handles your data, creating informative and attractive graphs, seamlessly across a variety of platforms including Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET with HTML5 /Javascript rendering, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Blazor.

TeeChart for .NET C# code may be reused with Steema’s mobile TeeChart products for Xamarin to reach Windows Phone, Android and iOS directly or via Xamarin’s Forms PCL platform.

This tool provides dozens of fully customisable and interactive chart types, maps and gauge indicators, plus a complete feature set. Packed with functionality to produce high-class financial charting applications. Open-High-Low- Close Series, Candle, Volume and MACD, ADX, Stochastic, Bollinger, Momentum, Moving Average and many more statistical functions.

Bring your data to life

Chart Component Suite with maps and gauges for developers

Quick and easy chart design with dynamic and interactive charts

Deliver charts across multiple platforms and devices

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