Easy to use, robust, and highly scalable data management solutions.

Organisations are looking for easy to use, robust, and highly scalable data management solutions. These solutions need to be easy to deploy, simple to manage and deliver faster insight while maximising the value of their complex, distributed data.

Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure consistently meets and exceeds the needs of the demanding workloads found in almost any data centre today. Tintri’s infrastructure learns your environment to drive automation and empower data-driven business insights.


Tintri VMstore intelligent infrastructure delivers the best quality of service for all your virtualised workloads, maximising performance, automated storage management and providing real-time analytics – so you can spend less time on storage management and refocus your efforts on high-impact projects and business innovation.

VMstore Intelligent Infrastructure removes legacy constraints of standard infrastructure and provides autonomous, intelligent operations that eliminate many manual steps associated with deployment, troubleshooting, workload balancing, data protection, and more, saving time and money while reducing errors. You also get VM-level visibility and control, scalability to hundreds of thousands of VMs, and deep insights and recommendations that boost performance and uptime for all your virtualised applications.


The Tintri IntelliFlash intelligent infrastructure is a fourth-generation storage solution that delivers an exceptional user experience through automation, analytic insights, and a variety of time-saving management features to drive your most valuable workloads in today’s data centres.

All workloads, running in virtualised and non-virtualised environments, benefit from accelerating
transactions and simplifying operations. lntelliFlash Intelligent Infrastructure combines the
high performance at a low latency of NVMeTM and other flash media with intelligent predictive analytics, flexibility at scale, unified access, and comprehensive data services to make lntelliFlash
a compelling choice to accelerate your business.


NexentaStor delivers enterprise unified file and block storage services running on industry-standard
hardware, on existing storage or hyper-converged systems, scaling from tens of terabytes to petabytes. With its integrated management abilities and simplified user interface, customers gain valuable and easy to read insights into their day-to-day storage needs.

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