Transform scattered ideas and unstructured data into dynamic visual maps.

The leading software for efficient organisation and transparent communication of complex ideas and information. 4,500 companies and 2.5 million paying users, including 83% of the Fortune 100, benefit from information visualisation with MindManager. The software supports brainstorming and creative problem solving, improves communication and allows complex projects to be planned more efficiently and effectively and implemented successfully. MindManager is a division of Corel Corporation.

MindManager Enterprise

MindManager Enterprise empowers team members to be more productive on their own, work better with each other, and maximise the tools available to them. It’s the industry-leading software for mind-mapping, interactive diagramming, strategic business and project planning, and more.

MindManager Enterprise empowers teams of 5+ with all the benefits of the single-user MindManager software, plus a uniquely powerful set of tools specifically designed to foster alignment, increase productivity and drive projects forward. It also offers procurement and IT departments a streamlined, supported, cost-effective way to equip both MindManager users and the entire organisation for efficiency and success.

MindManager for Windows

MindManager for Windows 21 complements your workday to synthesise that information, boost your productivity, empower your plans and projects, and collaborate and communicate more effectively.

Visual communications are powerful communications. With MindManager, you can quickly create beautiful visualisations that bring structure and clarity to concepts, strategies, plans and projects that empower teamwork and inspire action. MindManager supports freeform thinking, fluid organisation and a holistic understanding. Our robust and reliable feature set, powerful integrations and advanced capabilities have set the standard in visual work management software for over 20 years.

MindManager for Microsoft Teams

MindManager for Microsoft Teams integrates the visual working power of MindManager with the robust communication capabilities of Microsoft Teams. It helps users to collaborate, share, and organise business-critical information more effectively and productively.

Each MindManager tab has its own discussion thread to enable ongoing conversations and maintain transparency. Create MindManager tabs inside Teams channels to help others easily find your files and support alignment across the organisation.

MindManager for Microsoft Teams works on any platform or web browser supported by Microsoft Teams. It is an optional add-on for Single-user or Enterprise MindManager users or can be bought as a standalone licence.

Working Remotely with MindManager

Watch this webinar with visual thinking expert Nick Duffill to see how your team can:

  • Maximise productivity by visually organizing tasks and daily schedules
  • Centralise critical team and project information in a single visual dashboard everyone can access
  • Lead dynamic, engaging virtual meetings utilising a cloud-based collaborative “whiteboard”
  • And much more!

The Benefits

Add lots of information on the go

Collect and add a variety of data. Collate images, links and notes anywhere, anytime with the NEW MindManager Snap app. Add resource information, deadlines, notes and other metadata to enrich you and your team’s tasks on MindManager.

Freeform thinking and holistic understanding

MindManager supports freeform thinking and holistic understanding and provides you with a robust and reliable feature set and powerful integrations. Understand information more easily.

Build amazing visualisations

You can start a diagram from scratch or take advantage and save time with a library full of built-in templates. Evolve a brainstorm into an executable strategy, plan or process all from within the application.

Why Grey Matter?

  • Grey Matter has been selling MindManager for over 13 years.
  • We have a great understanding of how the MindManager products are licenced and can provide advice on which versions best suit your needs, as well as offer competitive pricing.
  • We also use MindManager ourselves to share ideas and collate information - our HR team uses MindManager to manage strategic projects.

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