IT Management Software and Optimisation

Flexera delivers IT management solutions that enable enterprises to accelerate and multiply the return on their technology investments. They help organisations inform their IT with total visibility into their complex hybrid ecosystems, providing the IT insights that fuel better-informed decisions. And they help them transform their IT with tools that allow IT leaders to rightsize across all platforms, reallocate spending, reduce risk and chart the most effective path to the cloud.

Their category-leading technology value optimisation solutions are delivered by more than 1,300 passionate team members helping more than 50,000 customers achieve their business outcomes.

Software Vulnerability Manager

Identify, prioritise and publish patches to address more third-party security updates than any solution on the market.

Create effective software vulnerability and patch management processes to reduce security risk. And better yet do both from one complete solution with Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager.


With AdminStudio, you can process applications in bulk, subscribe to packages for automated processing and script frequent tasks using the many provided PowerShell cmdlets. Execute advanced packaging, customisation and authoring with the full power of InstallShield, the leading setup authoring tool. And save time by distributing applications directly to leading software deployment tools.

Why Flexera?

50,000 customers worldwide

30+ years in the industry

1,300+ passionate employees

Why Grey Matter?

  • Grey Matter is proud to be a Flexera reseller
  • Thanks to our close relationship, we can provide expert licensing advice
  • We've been providing solutions to developers and IT professionals for years

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