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Sparx Systems

Visual modelling tools.

Sparx Systems specialises in high performance and scalable visual modelling tools for the planning, design and construction of software-intensive systems. With customers in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive engineering to finance, defence, government, entertainment and telecommunications, Sparx Systems is a leading vendor of innovative solutions based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and its related specifications. A Contributing Member of the Object Management Group (OMG), Sparx Systems is committed to realising the potential of model-driven development based on open standards.

Enterprise Architect

The perfect enterprise-wide solution to visualise, analyse, model, test and maintain all of your systems, software, processes and architectures. Enterprise Architect is the ideal platform to help you to stay in control of your workspace, support your colleagues and team, enable collaboration and build confidence within your most complex projects.

Enterprise Architect helps individuals, groups and large organisations model and manage complex information. By integrating and connecting a wide range of structural and behavioural information in visual form, you can build a coherent, verifiable model of what-is or what-will-be.

Sparx Systems provides 4 different editions of Enterprise Architect that are customised for differing usage scenarios. From the introductory Professional version, through the Corporate team based edition, richly provisioned Unified and finally the Ultimate edition, there is an Enterprise Architect edition that is right for your situation.

Why Grey Matter?

  • We can provide you with licensing and advice on which solution would best suit your needs.
  • We have been supporting developers, ISVs and tech-led companies since 1983.

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