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With the increased demand for delivery services and customers now expecting a seamless 24/7 delivery environment, HERE understands the importance of location services, from the powerful technology required by developers and ISVs to build innovative fleet solutions, to the ETAs and SLAs of the logistics and transport industry. This is one of the reasons they continue to maintain the position as the number-one location platform, placing ahead of companies like Google and Mapbox, as ranked in Omdia’s 2020 Location Platform Index.

Meet your customers’ demands

HERE location services are optimised to drive performance, accuracy, and value, powered by location intelligence:

  • Calculate better ETAs
  • Meet SLAs and improve customer service
  • Optimise driver routes and route sequences
  • Lower operational costs
  • Enhance the driver experience
  • Improve safety


These services enable you to build for the key phases of fleet management:

  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis

Plan in Advance

Custom Locations:
Upload and manage custom owned data that can be used for pre-trip planning

Truck Routing:
Route calculations that take into account truck profiles and restrictions

Traffic-enabled Routing:
Improve ETA calculations through up-to-date traffic information

Toll Cost Calculation:
Plan for toll charges along
the routes

Waypoint Sequencing:
Improve asset utilisation by calculating optimal route sequence for a driver

Tour Planning:
Route optimisation for
multiple vehicles

Monitor and Support while on the move

Geofencing: Monitor your assets

Isoline Routing: Identify vehicles which are within the area of reach around a destination

Matrix Routing: Calculate distances and driving times for vehicles to reach defined destinations, to define closest vehicle to destination

Large Scale Matrix Routing: Calculate distances and driving times for thousands of stops with very short compute time for high intensity schedules

ETA Tracking: View traffic and weather conditions with automated ETA updates that take into account current journey conditions

Mobile SDKs: Turn-by-turn voice guidance, considering latest traffic information

Fleet Connectivity: Send updated destination information to driver and receive ETAs

Last Mile Ready: Routing precision down to the correct side of the road, accurate point addressing and large scale matrix routing to ensure the last mile is reached for deliveries


Route Match: Compute most probable route traversed, enable accurate driver behaviour analysis, and detect illegal manoeuvres

Platform Data: Perform detailed driver behaviour analysis for safety scoring and mitigation

Toll Cost: Validate toll receipts

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