Code With Me

Code With Me

A collaborative development and pair programming service.

Code With Me is a collaborative development and pair programming service. Bundled with most of the latest JetBrains IDEs, you can now share a project with others, and work on it together, in real time.

In the latest update, the user interface (UI) has been redesigned, and certain menu actions have been renamed. Additionally, TURN server support is now enabled by default, allowing for a relay connection if direct host-guest connection is not possible. Code With Me is now compatible with Android Studio Electric Eel, and the missing debug options are now supported. Bugs have been fixed to ensure that icons are displayed without delay, and Gradle logs are now correctly shown on the host’s machine. Furthermore, source navigation in the Run tool window functions as expected. Users are encouraged to download the latest update to access these improvements and fixes.


Pair programming

Invite your teammate to investigate issues and review and work on code together online in real-time.

Swarm programming

Develop, debug, and fix code simultaneously with your whole team in a single remote collaborative IDE.

Training and mentoring

Invite others to your project, so you can show and explain the code to them. A great fit for the classroom and online coding interviews.


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Introducing Code with Me

Take a look at the high-level overview of what JetBrains is and the benefits of the service for developer collaboration and productivity.

This video is presented by JetBrains Developer Advocate, Matt Ellis.

An in-depth look at Code with Me

Watch this video to gain a deep insight into the features and benefits of Code with Me, and learn how it integrates with some of the other JetBrains tools.

This video is presented by Developer Advocates, Matt Ellis and Rachel Appel.

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