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Microsoft Teams

Get the most out of your Team

Today’s workplace presents teams with many different challenges. Working remotely, frequent travel, flexible working schedules, and multiple communication channels. Microsoft Teams helps to bring your teams together with one central hub. Microsoft Teams brings chat, calls, documents, photos, and videos together in one place. Integrate all your favourite apps so that you can access everything you need from one interface, rather than having to jump between several.


All your favourite Office 365 apps in one place

Instantly access SharePoint, OneNote, PowerBI and Planner from one team workspace. Organise your files, chats and people so that your projects are easily accessible.

Keep your whole team in the know

Set up specific channels and group chats. Schedule and join online meetings either from your desktop or your mobile. Call transcriptions allow you to review important points later.

Customisable to you

Tailor your Teams workspace to work for you. Integrate the apps you use most, pin commonly used resources for easy access, create custom channels to match your workstreams.

If you're a software developer, have you thought about making an integration for Teams?

Secure, compliant, manageable

Enterprise-level security and compliance keeps channels, chats and files secure. Data is encrypted at all times, at-rest and in-transit. Multi-factor authentication enhances identity protection.


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How to buy Microsoft Teams?

You can buy Microsoft Teams and ad-on applications via Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme.  

We are a Microsoft Direct and Indirect CSP and offer three partner programmes to suit different Go-To-Market models. Whether you want to buy Microsoft Teams for your own use, to use as part of our own application development, or to sell straight onto your end customers – we can help.  

Our Microsoft Partner Programmes offer a much easier way to buy Microsoft licences.  

Partner programme benefits:

  • Technical support at every stage of your Teams journey, covering implementation, configuration and ongoing support. We’ll ensure that your systems are set up correctly and futureproof.
  • Support leveraging your existing phone system, devices or SIP connections with Teams integration to preserve your existing investments.
  • End-user training so that your teams can make the most of your investment day-to-day.

Why does enhancing teamwork matter?

Studies have shown that collaborative working has a huge positive impact on workplace morale and productivity. It’s no secret that happier employees work more productively and creatively and therefore generate better business outcomes. 

  • Feeling more motivated to persist with tasks and enjoying the process of doing so are traits that have been linked back to social collaboration.
  • More than half of all happy employees collaborate with five or more people on any given day.
  • Most satisfied employees ranking “opportunities to work on a collaborative team” the best way to boost their careers.
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