Switching O365
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Easily manage Microsoft licences through
Grey Matter’s self-service portal, GMCirrus

TutorPro’s software simplifies the learning curve in any software application, they make training and supporting employees easy! Their four solutions span a Learning Management System (LMS) that helps organisations track their team’s training; a performance support system (EPSS) which offers Just-In-Time training for employees when they need it most; a content creation tool like no other in-application software and a library of pre-created eLearning guides and assessments.




For better visibility and easier management, TutorPro wanted to move away from their existing Office 365 tenant in GoDaddy to a new Office 365 tenant provisioned via Grey Matter’s CSP portal.


Grey Matter’s technical services team completed the project via remote delivery. The team created a new Office 365 tenant for TutorPro, adding licences and creating users aligned to shared mailboxes and distribution groups. The team also aligned the new tenant with TutorPro’s custom domain.  


TutorPro experienced minimal downtime to the mail server during the migration of their custom domain from the existing tenant to the new one. Grey Matter’s team completed the project over the weekend to negate complications on GoDaddy’s side when removing the domain name. This ensured no negative impact on operations and TutorPro’s business ran as usual.  




Via Grey Matter’s CSP portal, GMCirrus, TutorPro can now easily manage their Office 365 licences and users;
self-provisioning and decreasing licences when needed. TutorPro’s IT admin team also have greater control over
distribution groups and mailboxes.


Grey Matter was fantastic to work with and we are excited about other projects in the pipeline. The team is knowledgeable and quick to respond to questions, they have really made this project as seamless as possible.

Claire Revell – Director & CEO, TutorPro

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