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Indirect CSP Reseller Model

How moving from a standard Azure subscription to CSP positively impacted Clue’s profitability

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Clue is an investigation case management and intelligence platform. Grounded in sector expertise, it is trusted by the world’s leading intelligence and investigation teams, including police, government, not-for-profit and private organisations.

Solutions: Microsoft Licensing and CSP

Vendors: Microsoft

Products: Microsoft Azure



Clue’s objective was to fully optimise in the cloud in support of their business expansion.
They wanted to make their current infrastructure more efficient, reduce costs and increase security.
Clue also needed to increase their ability to monitor insights to aid cost management and decision making.


Grey Matter reviewed Clue’s existing Azure subscription and suggested that the Indirect CSP reseller model was a better fit for their customers. It enabled tenant-level isolation, simplified billing management, and access to revenue recognition and rebates via their Microsoft certified partnership status.

Microsoft’s billing support team does not support moving Azure CSP subscriptions as these are partner-billed. To achieve the objective, Grey Matter experts worked with Clue to assess, plan and migrate the existing workloads from a single Azure tenant to separate tenants for each of their customers.

Grey Matter’s Microsoft certified Cloud Solutions Engineers authored and used custom scripts for each migration, working with Clue to create a multi-stage migration process to separate and prioritise customer workloads.

A security workshop was also delivered to Clue to help them better understand the additional security services and features that could be leveraged within Microsoft Azure.


Clue is now benefitting from operating as an Indirect CSP reseller through Grey Matter. Each of their customers have their own separate Azure tenant with centrally managed subscriptions making it much easier for Clue to manage and deliver their solution. They also have the ongoing support of our expert team of cloud architects and engineers.

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Grey Matter has been a fantastic support throughout the entire project, working closely with us to deliver on our objectives. They also went above and beyond to positively impact our profitability. Providing advice and services in support of ensuring we were using Azure efficiently and that we were enabled to make the most of our Indirect CSP Reseller status.


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