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Bing Maps Imagery for Traffic Intelligence

Grey Matter enables 1Spatial to build a disruptive traffic management planning solution that can produce plans in under 2 minutes.

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1Spatial wanted to launch the most disruptive traffic management planning solution to enter the highways market in the last 30 years. The current process to produce a traffic management plan is laborious, manual and time-consuming, with plans taking hours, if not days, to create. 1Spatial aimed to launch a solution which produces a plan in under 2 minutes.


As the global distributor for Microsoft Bing Maps, Grey Matter was able to provide the high quality imagery that 1Spatial needed to bring their application to life.

Their 1Streetworks application for Traffic Management Planning Automation automates the implementation of UK Government legislation on how signing, lighting, and guarding equipment must be set out around street works and road works. This often costly, time-consuming, and error-prone process of planning traffic management for works on the UK’s roads, can now create plans in under 2 minutes, vastly improving the time to plan.


1Streetworks produces a comprehensive, site-specific traffic management plan on a map, usually in less than 2 minutes rather than the much longer manual methods otherwise prevalent in the industry. The cloud-based software digitises traffic management regulations and ensures that all plans are compliant with the prevailing legislation. It works anywhere on any Internet-connected device and produces traffic management plans against a backdrop of base maps, including Microsoft Bing Maps Imagery, which adds geographical context when planning street works.

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We were seeking a provider of low-cost imagery of sufficient quality to ensure that 1Streetworks users could use it to visualise a location where a traffic management plan is required. This helps users to identify real-world features that might impact the resulting plan, and which are otherwise not included in non-imagery base maps. Grey Matter's expertise in Microsoft Bing Maps products ensured a quick, easy, and successful result!

Andrew Fennell – Managing Director, 1Spatial

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