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Grey Matter helped Computers Help reinstate Azure portal access 

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Computers Help Limited is a small IT consultancy, specialising in General IT management and outsourced IT department for small and micro businesses. Their services include: 

  • Setting up infrastructure, Network, Internet, Wi-Fi 
  • Servicing and managing existing infrastructure, both as sole member of IT department and as an outsourced member of existing multi-national IT Teams 
  • Network and Wi-Fi design, purchase and installation; cloud Services design, purchase and setup - principally Microsoft 365 mail and data sharing/storage 
  • Server configuration, purchase, setup and migration. 

Sectors: IT

Vendors: Microsoft

Products: Microsoft Azure



Computers Help was having issues with their Azure environment where credentials were deleted. This prevented both Grey Matter and Computers Help from having visibility of the environment in order to support Computer Help’s customer. It also meant that no partner credit was being received. 

 Computers Help wanted to re-establish access to an Azure portal environment that Computers Help were having difficulty accessing in order to help a customer.  


An Azure engineer from our services division, Cloud Know How, joined the meeting equipped with the processes, tools and scripts necessary to make the changes to the Azure environment. 

The engineer explained to all parties what he believed the issue was and got both the owner and the GCA development team connected to the portal in order to confirm this. 

The engineer explained what would be required in order to get Computers Help and Grey Matter reconnected to the portal and, crucially, the Foreign Security Principal re-established for billing and support purposes. 

The engineer then walked Computers Help through the secure script-run process for computers help. They also walked their end user’s (GC Aesthetics) development team through their side of the secure script running approval process, reinstating Computers Help and Grey Matter’s access to the environment. 

The engineer completed these tasks despite neither the owner nor GCA’s development counterpart having experience of the Azure scripting process. There was also a language barrier to overcome, which is no easy feat with technical conversations.  


Computers Help and their end-user were able to gain access to the Azure portal and the long-running problem was resolved so they could continue with billing and support. 

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Elijah played an essential role in re-establishing commercial trust between me and a customer with whom I have a long relationship as a service provider and member of the IT department. This provided a key breakthrough on partner access and billing after a few months of misunderstanding with regard to the customer’s Azure Services environment for whom Computers Help Ltd, along with Grey Matter, who is the Microsoft Partner / Reseller.

Keith Stewart – Computers Help Limited

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