Case Study

Acronis Backup saves customer £8k

Acronis Backup helped one of Affinus’ customers to save money by identifying important past email transactions


Affinus is an integration consultancy based in Newton Abbot, Devon that specialises in Azure. They are also a Grey Matter Microsoft Indirect CSP. 

Sectors: IT

Solutions: Backup and Recovery

Vendors: Acronis



One of Affinus’ customers, a recruitment company, needed to identify if a former employee was making sales on the company’s behalf that were not on the company’s books. 


The recruitment company needed to find out if a former director was still making sales in their name and losing them business. Affinus suggested that they use Acronis Backup to check the former employee’s past work emails in Office 365 for any discrepancies.

Affinus provides Office 365 licences as well as Acronis backup to their recruitment customer to enable them to protect and manage their Office 365 data. Affinus buys their Acronis and Office 365 licences via Grey Matter as an Indirect CSP.


Affinus’ end-user was able to identify sales that the former employee had made thanks to Acronis Backup. It was easy for the global admin to have access to lots of Office 365 information from the past, including the former employee’s emails about orders that were not put on the company’s books. As a result, the recruitment company was able to save over £8000.  

Affinus has also been able to help their other customers by using Acronis Backup to restore missing data lost due to cyber-attacks. 

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My Account Manager, Anca, is really helpful and her colleague Scott is very knowledgeable about the Acronis cyber security tools. On the rare occasion, there are any Microsoft problems, Grey Matter has been able to escalate them quickly and get them resolved.

Simon Poulter – Principal Consultant, Affinus.

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