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HERE Technologies

Build powerful location-aware web and mobile apps and services using the world’s #1 location platform*

Solve routing challenges with HERE Location Services, optimised to drive performance, accuracy, and value, powered by location intelligence. Grey Matter is the Authorised Distributor of HERE Technologies. We work closely with HERE to provide its innovative location technology to ISVs and developers worldwide.

*HERE Technologies is recognised as the number one location platform by Omdia’s Location Platform Index since 2017, including the powerful capabilities in mapping and the strongest privacy credentials for consumer data.

HERE Electric Vehicle (EV) Routing API

The HERE EV Routing feature optimises both private and commercial electric vehicle routing while minimising the number of charging stops and reducing battery charging times, based on the vehicle’s consumption model. The feature can be easily integrated into consumer apps to provide locations for charging stations within reach and to plan routes effectively.
In the commercial space, EV Routing helps solve the challenge of electrifying vehicle fleets and managing the routing and range requirements.

HERE Mobile SDKs

HERE Mobile SDKs enable developers to build immersive native apps for iOS and Android by providing a complete set of ready-to-go tools. Rich location features and functions are unlocked through Maps, Directions, Places and Search, Traffic, Transit, LiveSight and Guidance components. Offline capabilities include route calculation, location search, turn-by-turn navigation and more – meaning a bad data signal will not stop business.

HERE Tour Planning API

A powerful API that helps you manage and optimise tours for a set of vehicles or a full fleet with certain jobs to complete within constraints such as time windows, vehicle type, and the order of delivery/pickup so that you can improve efficiency, manage capacity, and meet demand.

Build innovative fleet management solutions

With the increased demand for delivery services and the rising expectation of a seamless 24/7 delivery environment, complex use cases related to routing, search and map data retrieval require powerful and accurate location services. HERE Location Services are made up of intelligent APIs and SDKs that provide accurate ETAs, optimise driver routes and route sequences, enhance the driver experience, and improve safety.  

  • Truck Routing
  • ETA Tracking
  • Matrix Routing
  • Last Mile Ready
  • Toll Cost and Route Match

Intelligent APIs and SDKs to solve complex location problems, from geofencing to large scale matrix routing

Host location services on your preferred on-premise infrastructure

Native tools that can be integrated into the AWS cloud or SAP cloud

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