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Flexera gives companies clarity into their technology “black hole”, helping business leaders turn IT insight into action. With a portfolio of integrated solutions that deliver unparalleled technology insights, spend optimisation and agility, Flexera helps enterprises realise IT’s full potential to accelerate their businesses.

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Flexera’s Supplier Division with its Installation, Software Composition Analysis and Software Monetization solutions is now Revenera. While the brand name has changed, the solutions, high quality service and exceptional experience remains the same. You can find all the products in the Installation/Revenera tab.

Flexera products


Flexera AdminStudio is the market-leading choice for comprehensive application readiness. Not only does it facilitate every aspect of application readiness, it also can take actions in bulk and automatically—thanks to new, built-in package automation capabilities.

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Software Vulnerability Manager

Flexera helps to create effective software vulnerability management and security patch management processes that slash security risk by prioritising and optimising processes for managing software vulnerabilities. Now you can mitigate exposures before the likelihood of exploitation increases.

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Flexera services

Our certified Flexera engineers in our services team, Cloud Know How, provide hands-on technical support for Software Vulnerability Manager, so that you can focus on your coding.

  • Technical advice and implementation of SVM to enable you to monitor your IT estate and mitigate risks
  • Remote or on-site Software Vulnerability Manager Health Check to check for any security vulnerabilities

Revenera products


InstallShield’s packaging and installer technologies allow users to adapt to industry changes quickly, get to market faster and deliver an engaging customer experience. Plus, they will be ready for Microsoft’s latest deployment type-MSIX.

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InstallAnywhere creates reliable installations for these on-premises platforms: Windows®, Linux®, Apple®, Solaris®, AIX, HP-UX and IBM®. It takes existing and new software products to a virtual and cloud infrastructure and create Docker containers—all from a single InstallAnywhere project.

Why Grey Matter?

Licensing knowledge has been our speciality since our beginnings in 1983; we can help you identify which solutions and specific licences will best suit your project requirements.

We are proud to be a Flexera Registered Partner and have been providing their great developer solutions for over 14 years.

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