Application packaging.

With AdminStudio, you can process applications in bulk, subscribe to packages for automated processing and script frequent tasks using the many provided PowerShell cmdlets. Execute advanced packaging, customisation and authoring with the full power of InstallShield, the leading setup authoring tool. And save time by distributing applications directly to leading software deployment tools.


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AdminStudio is known for its ability to repackage legacy setups into desired formats and customise applications to meet your organisation’s
needs. The need to repackage is less common these days as vendor support for enterprise software deployment needs has evolved. AdminStudio has progressed, too.

It now provides unprecedented support for handling vendor setups to prepare applications for custom deployment faster without the need to repackage. AdminStudio will recommend silent command-line options and can even provide tested, validated command line suggestions to save you time identifying and researching vendor setups. It can also convert the installers or wrap them in scripts for a customised deployment with the click of a button. When combined with robust testing and reporting to reduce the risk of producing a bad package drastically, AdminStudio becomes indispensable for your day-to-day application deployment needs.

Application Readiness

Application readiness is an endless task, with the constant influx of new apps and updates. Flexera’s AdminStudio makes it much easier and less time-consuming. Couple it with the Package Feed Module and you get access to details on nearly 3,000 installers to help you create deployment packages faster.

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AdminStudio Editions

Enterprise Edition is for IT organisations seeking an advanced application packaging software solution to centrally manage and prepare applications for reliable, conflict-free software deployment. Enjoy market-leading automation and batch processing capabilities.

Professional Edition is filled with tools that help with conversion, repackaging and other tasks in bulk. Know what challenges you’re up against early in your project with suitability testing for virtual application formats like App-V as well as the new MSIX packaging format.

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