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How we use Microsoft Teams to enhance
remote working and drive productivity

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To maximise collaboration, ensure team engagement and drive productivity in response to COVID-19,
we needed to fast-track the deployment of Microsoft Teams across all departments and devices.


The rollout 

Already heavily used by some departments, our services team created additional teams so every department had a dedicated area. Everything is accessible across corporate devices with additional multi-factor authentication required for those using BYODs. All data is backed up using Acronis.

Once the teams were set up for each department, channels were created within those teams to create different workspaces for specific projects and discussions. The different teams ensure that departments have secure and instant response communications across channels and chats. The channels serve as content hubs whilst individual chats allow people to share more sensitive information privately and maintain 1-to-1 human connections.

Based on the experience of our internal early adopters and experience of managing Teams, our services team created plain-English guides. They also ran trainings sessions for the different departments on how to use and manage their Team.

All of this was done in under 48 hours.

Day-to-day use 

Everyone now comes together on our daily morning video call. Calling, rather than chat, encourages discussion and helps people engage with colleagues across departments. 

Using Teams as our communication hub makes life easier and far more productive; message streams are easier to read and manage than email, and you can instantly swtich to a video call.

Video calls also allow us to maintain our in-office atmosphere as much as possible. It’s easy to schedule Teams meetings via Outlook or the integrated Teams calendar.

Teams gives us access to everything we need in one place on any device. Collaboration on documents, spreadsheets and presentations is super easy as everyone can work on them at the same time, have chats about them or quickly screen share. If we need to share a file with someone that isn’t part of the Team, you can easily send them a SharePoint link – this gives them access to file but not the entire Team.




Each department now has a quick and easy way to communicate, both internally and externally, with inbuilt security that encrypts data and actively defends against cyber-attacks. Serving as a content and communication
hub for projects and discussions it has immeasurably increased efficiency and productivity.


“It’s fantastic that the whole company has been able to adopt this new way of working. Our shift to remote working simply wouldn’t have been this successful without Microsoft Teams and the experience of our services team. Teams has enabled us to continue serving our customers, collaborating internally and delivering on our goals in these challenging times.”

Matt Whitton, MD, Grey Matter

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