Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps

A set of modern dev services that helps you plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster.

Azure DevOps is made up of individual services that can be bought together or separately to enable and enhance CI/CD workflows. In Azure DevOps you’ll find agile planning tools, an automation tool for builds and deployments, flexible Git hosting, manual and exploratory testing tools, and a universal package repository. 


Azure Boards

Built-in scrum boards and planning tools help your teams run sprints, stand-ups, and planning meetings. Comprehensive traceability allows work item tracking and keeps your team aligned. If you’re using GitHub, connect your GitHub repo to Azure boards and start linking commits and PRs to work items.

Azure Pipelines

Automate your builds and deployments to implement continuous delivery (CD) of your software. Use any language to build. Deploy to any cloud platform, Kubernetes, VMs, Azure Functions, or Azure Web Apps. Benefit from hundreds of extensions and community-built tasks, support for YAML and more. 

Azure Test Plans

Improve your code quality with planned and exploratory testing services for your apps. Test across desktop and web apps and capture rich scenario data to make discovered defects actionable. Combine with Azure Pipelines to automate testing for CI/CD workflows.

Azure Repos

Get unlimited private Git repository hosting and push code from any IDE, editor, or Git client. Add validations and extensions from the marketplace or build your own using web hooks and REST APIs. Quickly find what you’re looking for with semantic code search that understands classes and variables.

Azure Artifacts

Simplify complex build jobs and make everything organised and easily shareable. Store Maven, npm, NuGet, and Python packages together and keep the public source package you use safe from deletion in your feed. Easily access your artifacts in builds and releases with native Azure Pipelines integration.

Azure DevOps features

Products and FeaturesStakeholdersBasic PlanBasic + Test PlanOpen Source
Azure Boards
Create and edit work items, incl buds, requirements and tasks
Search and query work items
View backlog and boards
Set alerts and get notified about changing work items
Provide feedback
Request feedback
Agile tools (Kanban boards, backlogs, spring planning, portfolio management)
Create new work item tags
Delivery plans
Azure Repos
Unlimited Git repositories
Connect your code using Xcode, Eclipse, InteliJ, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, and more
Centralised version control with Team Foundation Version Control, incl Code Review
Powerful semantic code search
Azure Pipelines
Continuous integration and deployment
Approve releases
Azure Artifacts
Store 2 GiB free in Artifacts
Azure Test Plans
Exploratory testing
Create and manage Test Plans
Web-based test execution from Test Runner
Add and run tests from the Kanban board
Other features
View charts, widgets, dashboards, and wikis
Create charts, configure widgets, set up dashboards, and write wikis

How to buy Azure DevOps

You can provision Azure DevOps services and ad-on applications via your Azure Account. If you’re already using Visual Studio, Azure DevOps is included with your subscription.  

If you don’t already buy your Azure or Visual Studio licences through us, we are a Microsoft Direct and Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and offer three partner programmes to suit different Go-To-Market models. Whether you want to buy Microsoft licences for your own use, or to sell straight onto your end customers – we can help.  

Our Microsoft Partner Programmes offer a much easier way to buy Microsoft licences. They also come with value-added benefits like discounted training and workshops, technical and commercial support. 

DevOps Process

Azure DevOps services

Migrating your existing development workflows to a new platform can be complex. We’ve created a service to help you migrate from TFS to Azure DevOps. Ensuring the history of your projects are retained and your new platform works exactly how you want it to.  

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We can get you started from infrastructure design to migration, or if you’re already use Azure DevOps we can provide a health check to help you optimise your deployment.

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