SQL Server

SQL Server

A modern data platform for hybrid scenarios.

Microsoft’s relational database management system. Allowing you to query across relational, non-relational, structured and unstructured data using your language and platform of choice you can make faster, better decisions. While achieving your security and compliance goals.


Deploy anywhere

SQL Server is a flexible data platform that allows you to build to deploy anywhere - on-premises or in the cloud. Get a consistent experience across platforms.

Built-in intelligence

AI is native to the data platform allowing you to unlock insights faster from data in the cloud and on-premises. Harness the power of Microsoft cognitive services in your database engine to get faster prediction and better security.

Scale as you need

Bring your business to scale while trusting that your security, performance, and availability needs are covered—with an industry-leading total cost of ownership.


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How to buy SQL Server?

You can buy SQL Server for Azure and on-premises through the Cloud Solution Provider programme. We are a Microsoft Direct and Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and offer three partner programmes to suit different Go-To-Market models. Whether you want to buy SQL Server for your own use, as a base for your customer deployments, or to sell straight onto end customers – we can help.

Our Microsoft Partner Programmes offer a much easier way to buy Microsoft licences. They also come with value-added benefits like discounted training and workshops, technical and commercial support.

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We can get you started from infrastructure design to migration, or if you’re already use SQL Server we can provide a health check to help you optimise your deployment.

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