Bring clarity and structure to plans,
projects and processes

MindManager helps individuals and teams work better and faster by simplifying the way they capture, process and share information. Transform scattered ideas and unstructured data into dynamic visual maps; MindManager gives people a clearer understanding of and greater control over their time and work.

Features and benefits

With MindManager, you can quickly create beautiful visualisations that bring structure and clarity to concepts, strategies, plans and projects to empower teamwork and inspire action.

Freeform thinking and holistic understanding

MindManager supports freeform thinking and holistic understanding and provides you with a robust and reliable feature set and powerful integrations.

Build amazing visualisations

You can start a diagram from scratch or take advantage and save time with a library full of built-in templates. Evolve a brainstorm into an executable strategy, plan or process all from within the application.

Collect and add a variety of data

Plus, you can collate images, links and notes anywhere, anytime with the NEW MindManager Snap app.

Add resource information, deadlines, notes and other metadata to enrich you and your team’s tasks on MindManager.

Easily manage projects

Add, remove and reprioritise topics to better focus your time, and publish your maps to the web for others to view. And use the NEW MindManager Go for mobile to access your diagrams when you’re on the go.

MindManager screenshot

Use cases

  • Developers can use MindManager to plan development projects and map out workflows.
  • Marketers find MindManager useful for planning campaigns, sharing ideas and resources.
  • HR can create organisation charts using MindManager.
  • Manufacturing and other industries can use flowcharts to map processes.

MindManager works on Windows and Mac

  • MindManager 21 for Windows
  • MindManager 13 for Mac

MindManager for Mac screenshot

MindManager for Microsoft Teams

MindManager for Microsoft Teams integrates the visual working power of MindManager with the robust communication capabilities of Microsoft Teams. It helps users to collaborate, share, and organise business-critical information more effectively and productively.

Each MindManager tab has its own discussion thread to enable ongoing conversations and maintain transparency. Create MindManager tabs inside Teams channels to help others easily find your files and support alignment across the organisation.

MindManager for Microsoft Teams works on any platform or web browser supported by Microsoft Teams. It is an optional add-on for Single-user or Enterprise MindManager users or can be bought as a standalone licence.

Licensing options  

Single-user licence 

  • Subscription 
  • Perpetual – online with Upgrade Protection Plan, add on available for Microsoft Teams and Co-Editing Integration 
  • Perpetual – no MindManager Software Assurance or Upgrade Protection Plan 

The Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) is available as a subscription service (with automatic annual renewal). During the contract period, UPP subscribers qualify for product upgrades and updates as well as telephone helpdesk-support. This only applies to single-user licences. You cannot co-term UPP with single licences. 

MindManager Enterprise (5+ licences) 

  • Subscription – includes Microsoft Teams, co-editing and licence admin portal with SSO capability 
  • Perpetual – online with MindManager Software Assurance 
  • Perpetual – offline with MindManager Software Assurance 

With MindManager Software Assurance (MSA), you receive product upgrades, updates and announcements of new service packs and direct helpdesk support, and other support services. MSA is mandatory for Enterprise users. It can be co-termed with existing licences under MSA.  

MindManager for Microsoft Teams 

  • Standalone

There is no difference in experience if you buy it as an add-on or as a standalone licence. 

Why Grey Matter?

Grey Matter has been selling MindManager for over 13 years. We have a great understanding of how the MindManager products are licenced and can provide advice on which versions best suit your needs, as well as offer competitive pricing.

We also use MindManager ourselves to share ideas and collate information. For instance, our HR team uses MindManager to manage HR strategy projects.

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