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The Bing Maps platform is one of the most widely used enterprise mapping services in the world. For over twenty years, the geospatial platform and enterprise-grade mapping service has been used by thousands of commercial and public sector customers and developers worldwide.

Added to business data as the visualisation layer, Microsoft Bing Maps delivers brilliant dynamic maps. The suite of APIs makes it easy for developers to build powerful and accurate geospatial solutions and intelligent services for rich user experiences and improved business performance. Grey Matter, authorised global distributor of Bing Maps, has a specialist Bing Maps team who can discuss your use case with you and help get you set up with the correct key and licensing.

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Top 5 reasons to use Bing Maps 

lockData privacy
Users’ data will not be shared with third parties.

24/7 Support
Account, licensing, technical, and critical support.

Developer friendly
Easy-to-use, with documentation, code samples, developer forum.

Full Microsoft integration
PowerBI, Dynamics 365, Visual Studio, SQL Server, PowerApps and more.

Global coverage
100+ languages, 200+ countries including China and Japan.

Plan, optimise, and analyse data in real time

Bing Maps provides businesses with a powerful framework to map their customer demographics, market conditions, resource management, competitive intelligence, and optimise and track their fleet and delivery services.

Fleet & Logistics

For commercial routing, multi-stop delivery optimisation, vehicle tracking, and more, Bing Maps provides intelligent mapping and powerful services for fleet management and logistics solutions.

Multi-Itinerary Optimization API
Multi-stop route planning that automates the process of building itineraries for multiple agents and optimises routes to save travel time and fuel costs.

Distance Matrix API
Used to develop a solution for a travelling salesman or vehicle routing as it calculates travel time and distances in many-to-many scenarios, with an optional travel-time histogram.

Isochrone API
Calculates the area that can be reached from a designated starting point within a set time period. Provides a polygon to visualise the travel time/distance area on a map.

Truck Routing API
Calculates routes optimised for trucks and commercial vehicles. Includes information such as road restrictions, traffic conditions, legal restrictions including HAZMAT, waterways, tunnels and more.

Snap to Road API
Track routes of teams in the field with GPS points that are converted to a corresponding set of co-ordinates of the nearest roads including the full name of the road and its associated speed limits.

Fleet Tracker
Deploy your own small to medium sized vehicle tracking solution. The open-source fleet management solution includes trip detection, geofencing, and email notifications.

The mapping platform for developers 

Bing Maps is a mapping platform for developers who want to build dynamic web or mobile location-aware apps and experiences. From powerful logistics APIs to showing your users what local businesses or points of interest are nearby, the feature set is developer-focused so you can get started straight away with minimal code. The source code for a selection of the Bing Maps APIs and SDKs is available on GitHub. 

Example Use Cases

Real estate planning: Determine future house location based on school, medical services, fire and rescue, work location, etc.

Field services: Route the closest technician to the client for service.

Retail and restaurants: Optimise delivery from distribution centres to retail locations or from restaurants to customers.

Asset tracking: Track daily routes of technicians visiting customer locations.

Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence is changing the way businesses can make the most of their own data and optimise their operations for efficiency gains and cost savings.

It’s commonly estimated that 80% of all business data contains a geospatial component. Using Bing Maps as a visualisation layer, businesses can better understand their competitive landscape, improve the customer experience, and build contextually relevant applications that deliver rich, dynamic user experiences.

Locations API
Use geocoding and reverse geocoding services to find a location based on co-ordinates.

Time Zone API
Represent global time zones and query by co-ordinates for a time zone for a location.

Local Search and Insights
Get actionable insights for nearby searches, with queries by name, category or free text.

Autosuggest API
Return a list of suggested entities based on partial location queries for addresses and more. 

Spatial Data Services
Batch geocoding, point of interest data, and the ability to store and expose your spatial data.

Example Use Cases

Real estate: Identify businesses and points of interest at or near a property.

Field services: Identify the address associated with a given location of a mobile technician.

Retail: Create location-based experiences such as store-specific notifications or coupons.

Sales operations: Track customer visits to a store and identify new customer segments based on the types of locations users visit.

Mobile SDKs

SDKs for Android and iOS to integrate fully featured map controls into mobile applications including positioning, 3D mapping and voice guided turn by turn navigation, with a consistent look and feel across web, Windows, and mobile.

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