Truck Routing API

Truck Routing API

Choose Bing Maps Truck Routing API to create customised routes that can be travelled by trucks and commercial vehicles. Using a series of waypoints and attributes, the truck routing software takes into consideration the height, weight, and length of the vehicle, and includes information such as road restrictions, traffic conditions, legal restrictions including HAZMAT, waterways, tunnels, travel distance and travel duration. Cut down on transportation time by optimising the route that matches the vehicle’s specifications.


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Why Bing Maps Truck Routing API?

Optimised routing for commercial vehicles.

Built for professional transportation routing logistics, the Bing Maps Truck Routing API calculates safe and efficient routes that consider a vehicle’s attributes in relation to any route limitations.

It also uses predictive traffic to determine the best day and time for deliveries, especially for areas that tend to be more congested. The routes include information such as route instructions, travel duration, and travel distance.

Truck Attributes and Considerations

Truck Attributes: Height, length, width, turning radius

Road Restrictions: Maximum bridge/underpass weight or height

Legal Restrictions: Hazardous materials, waterways, tunnels, and more

Traffic Conditions: Speed limit, construction, lane closures

Other Conditions: Strong crosswinds, toll roads, road gradient

Bing Maps Truck Routing API Example Use Cases

Route optimisation to avoid potentially dangerous situations such as low or narrow bridges, sharp turns, steep gradients.

Ensure safety and compliance with optimisation for HAZMAT and legal restrictions.

Predictive traffic information to determine the best day and time for deliveries, particularly to areas that tend to be congested.

More accurate ETAs for improved delivery times and customer service.

  • Set Parameters and Preferences:
  • Vehicle’s dimensions and weight
  • Number of axles and/or number of trailers
  • Speed limitations
  • Legal restrictions and permit requirements, such as transporting flammable materials
  • Road conditions (strong crosswind areas, construction, road gradient, etc.)
  • Avoid routes, such as toll roads, highways, ferries and more

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