Code quality platform for continuous integratrion.

Qodana is a smart code quality platform by JetBrains. With a powerful static analysis engine development teams can automate code reviews, build quality gates, and enforce code quality guidelines enterprise-wide – all within their JetBrains ecosystems.

The platform can be integrated into any CI/CD pipeline and can analyse code written in 60+ languages including Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Kotlin, Python, Go, and C#.

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The Qodana static analysis engine enriches CI/CD pipelines with all of the smart features from JetBrains IDEs. The platform provides an overview of project quality and lets you set quality targets, track progress, and automate routine tasks like code reviews. Qodana supports 60+ languages and technologies including JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, PHP, .NET, Python, and Go.

Watch the video to hear from Anton Arhipov, Qodana developer advocate, who will give you a walkthrough of the Qodana code quality platform so you can bring JetBrains IDE-native inspections to your CI/CD with ease.

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