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Visual Studio subscriptions (formerly known as MSDN subscriptions) give you a comprehensive set of benefits that include cloud services, software for collaborative development and testing, support, training, and more. Visual Studio is the professional developer tool for individuals and small teams.

Why partner with Grey Matter for Visual Studio?

Whether you’ve a large team of developers or a small group, we are here to support your need for dev tools including Visual Studio. We are well known in the developer and ISV community for our origins supplying niche developer software, right from the start in the 1980s. While the delivery format may have changed from floppy disk to digital provisioning, our focus hasn’t.

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• Help managing your Visual Studio subscriptions
• Advice and support on extending Visual Studio with third party dev tools
• Support adopting a DevOps practice and integrating with Azure DevOps

Our Cloud Licensing and Services teams are here to help.

Where should you start?

The free Community Edition is a great place to start should you wish to start exploring Microsoft’s industry-leading IDE; Visual Studio 2019. With the addition of CodeLens, it now has the same features as Professional Edition. However, there are deployment limitations. It can only be used by a maximum of five users in organisations with fewer than 250 PCs or less than $1 Million in annual revenue.

The Enterprise Edition includes all the features of Professional Edition, plus some additional tools. Although these come at a cost, they can help deliver ROI through time-saving efficiencies that help accelerate the delivery of your projects. For example, Enterprise provides the architectural, debugging and diagnostic tools that make this possible, together with some additional cross-platform capabilities such as the Xamarin Inspector and Profiler which will assist with mobile app development.

Collaborative development with Visual Studio

Visual Studio Codespaces lets you create cloud-hosted dev environments with built-in Live Share for co-authoring, editing and debugging. With self-hosted environments, your team of devs can register any machine to Visual Studio Codespaces and connect to it from either VS Code or the browser-based editor. You can easily switch between this browser-based editor and the Visual Studio IDE.

Another huge benefit is the ability to change the size of your instance environment. So, you can spend most of your time in a lower powered, lower cost environment and upgrade only if and when you need the extra horsepower.

Expand your knowledge with these helpful resources

Accelerate Azure development with Visual Studio 2019

April Edwards and Giles Davies from Microsoft demo just how simple LiveShare makes collaborative code reviews and pair programming – no need to clone a repo or set up your colleague’s environment. Find out how Visual Studio 2019 can boost your productivity. You’ll also have the chance to put your questions to April at the end.

Developing together with Visual Studio Online

Visual Studio Online (no, not VSTS/Azure DevOps, this is something new reusing the name) provides hosted development environments to make this easier and faster. This session will introduce the new Visual Studio Online and demonstrate how it can be used from Visual Studio Code and the Visual Studio IDE.

Collaborative Development with GitHub

GitHub make it easier for developers to be developers: to work together, to solve challenging problems, and to create the world’s most important technologies. We foster a collaborative community that can come together—as individuals and in teams—to create the future of software and make a difference in the world.

Implementing Azure DevOps for continuous delivery

In this session we’ll start with the basics, discussing the practices of DevOps and then move into discussing automated operations that developers and operations teams can control. We will then deploy a new solution into the cloud using DevOps Project, showing how you can automate the deployment of an application and integrate it into Azure DevOps.

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