GPU-Accelerated Microsoft Azure

NVIDIA has been creating GPUs since 1993.

Since then, NVIDIA has evolved the original GPU into something far more intelligent; they now harness high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

NVIDIA on Azure enables you to:

  • Accelerate scientific discovery
  • Develop new internet services
  • Design self-driving cars and intelligent machines
  • Create photorealistic virtual worlds

What is NVIDIA on Azure?

Microsoft Azure offers a global-scale cloud platform with key high-performance computing (HPC) enablement.
This is further enhanced with NVIDIA’s GPU technology.

NVIDIA offers a range of HPC Azure virtual machines that will allow you to do so much more with AI.

NVIDIA Products

These are a broad range of performance-engineered containers for AI, HPC and HPC visualisations. They can run on Azure N-series machines and contain all the necessary dependencies for optimal performance.
Meeting the needs of data scientists, developers and researchers with varying levels of AI expertise, NVIDIA’s NGCs:

  • Accelerates productivity with easy-to-deploy AI frameworks and HPC application containers
  • Lowers the barrier to AI adoption with pre-trained models and workflows
  • Maximises utilisation. NGC can run on-prem, in the cloud and edge, or using hybrid and multi-cloud deployments

Available on Azure marketplace.

Azure Machine Learning Service
Use Azure Machine Learning service to accelerate the machine learning lifecycle. Driven by powerful NVIDIA GPUs.

  • Tune hyperparameters faster with automated machine learning
  • Increase productivity and cut costs with autoscaling GPU clusters and built-in machine learning operations
  • Deploy to the cloud and the edge with one click
  • Access all this through any Python environment

GPU-Accelerated Virtualised Graphics
Access the most demanding professional design and engineering applications from the cloud with NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation for GPU-accelerated graphics on Azure.

NVIDIA’s developer solutions cover:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Autonomous Machines
  • Ray Tracing
  • Deep Learning
  • Inference
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Game Development
  • Design and Visualisation

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