Keeping developers productive as a distributed team

GitHub is part of Microsoft’s suite of tools for developers. It is designed and optimised for distributed teams, enabling developers to code, collaborate and deliver software remotely.

GitHub provides the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git with additional features. These include access control and collaboration tools such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management and wikis for your IT projects. GitHub is the part of the DevOps toolset that addresses the needs of distributed teams which are increasingly becoming the norm.



Harness the power of GitHub for your internal IT projects

GitHub was created to provide a repository for open source projects and has benefited from years of development for that community. GitHub can also be deployed in-house to provide your IT team with the same benefits enjoyed by open source project teams across the globe.

  • Find and reuse code more easily to minimise wasted resources and duplication
  • Develop more rapidly, regardless of company and project size
  • Reduce silos and simplify collaboration throughout the organisation
  • Increase clarity between all involved
  • Promote an open culture in the true spirit of open source
  • Maximise the team’s talents, growth and job satisfaction levels by allowing project members to become more deeply involved

Summary of GitHub features

  • Security: GitHub secures the supply chain, identifying and fixing code vulnerabilities. It also creates and enforces security and compliance policies as code.
  • Talent: As part of your dev toolchain, GitHub provides access to a vast community-based knowledge resource. GitHub will also help your organisation to attract the best talent at a time when the industry faces skill shortages.
  • Workflow automation: You can accelerate delivery and continuous improvement by automating every step of the CI/CD pipeline. GitHub provides native support for this. Policies set within the workflow help to achieve consistency and traceability.
    GitHub Actions does what it says on the tin; it allows you to create and reuse actions within your deployment pipelines for testing, releasing and deploying software.
  • Collaboration: The platform is designed for collaboration. This will help build and transform the culture of the IT team.

GitHub Team and Enterprise editions

Both Team and Enterprise editions allow you to code, collaborate and ship from anywhere. The Team edition has less functionality and is intended for lower usage levels of GitHub Actions and package storage for private repos. In both cases, these limits are removed for public repos.

GitHub Enterprise allows you to practice well tested and familiar open source methodologies behind your company firewall. It is intended for organisations that want to host their repos on-premises or in the cloud for greater control and self-management. Your internal IT projects will be ‘ring fenced’ in a secure environment. Only developers with appropriate permissions will be able to contribute.


  • Unlimited public/private repositories
  • Required reviewers
  • 3,000 GitHub Actions minutes/month (free for public repositories)
  • 2GB of GitHub Packages storage (free for public repositories)
  • Code owners
  • Support via e-mail


  • Everything included in Team
  • SAML single sign-on
  • 50,000 GitHub Actions minutes/month (free for public repositories)
  • 50GB of GitHub Packages storage (free for public repositories)
  • Advanced auditing
  • Enterprise support

How is GitHub deployed and licensed?

Both Team and Enterprise editions are licensed on a per developer basis. For pricing information, please call us on +44 (0) 1364 654100 

Enterprise comes with flexible deployment options. These include Enterprise Cloud (cloud-hosted), Enterprise Server (self-hosted), or a hybrid of both. To discuss your requirements, please call our accredited licensing specialists.

Services and Support

Grey Matter is proud of its reputation for providing the developer community with software and licensing advice, and a wide choice of software tools for all phases of the application life cycle. We are Microsoft’s number one reseller for Visual Studio. We also have a dedicated GitHub Services Team who can provide services for Azure DevOps and migration projects.

Discover GitHub

A closer look at GitHub

GitHub supports a community where 40 million people learn, share and work together to build software. Edward Thomson will introduce you to GitHub and its collaborative development model that empowers development. He’ll also show you some of the new features that GitHub has been adding to make your team more productive, like GitHub Actions, the GitHub Package Registry, and security alerts.



Collaborative Development

GitHub make it easier for developers to be developers: to work together, to solve challenging problems, and to create the world’s most important technologies. We foster a collaborative community that can come together—as individuals and in teams—to create the future of software and make a difference in the world.



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