Awingu Certified Partner


Access all your files and
applications in a browser

Through any device, via any browser, Awingu provides
highly secure and audited access to your organisation's files
as well as web, legacy, and SaaS applications within a browser-based workspace.

Who is Awingu for?


Transform your legacy apps into a SaaS-based solution

Service Providers

Provide Workspace-as-a-Service

SMBs and Enterprises

Easily manage contractors and enable BYOD using a secure workspace

Key benefits of Awingu

  • 100% browser-based
  • Run Awingu in the cloud of your choice
  • Quick to deploy
  • Deploy onto any device
  • No need to rewrite legacy applications
  • Support for a local printer
  • Polygon intuitiveness
  • App session and file sharing
  • Usage insights and anomaly detection
  • SaaS single sign-on
  • Integrate cloud storage
  • Integrate Skype for Business
  • Customisable and open API based
  • Multi-tenancy

Awingu and how it works

Awingu's architecture

Awingu Architecture

Awingu for ISVs and commercial app developers

Come out of your comfort zone and stay competitive–move to a SaaS model to meet your customers' mobility needs. Awingu can help you transform your legacy application into a SaaS solution–Awingu will provide all the features needed to make your transition easy.

  • Your software can be made available in HTML5 without the need to change your code
  • Easily manage your offering from one single platform
  • Customise everything, from your colours, login page and more to suit your brand

Awingu is a workspace aggregator software that will connect legacy applications to a browser in HTML. Awingu will connect to an application server via Microsoft RDS (Terminal Server). You can host your legacy application in either a public or private cloud. Furthermore, you don't have to change the source code for the front-end, saving considerable costs and time.

Awingu doesn't just bring legacy applications to a browser and "any" device, layers of security and compliance are included with features like built-in multi-factor authentication, SSL encryption for HTTPS access as well as a full audit view on end-user activity. Built-in session-sharing support is also facilitated too.

The Awingu platform itself is multi-tenant to allow for easy management and cost effectiveness. Therefore, even if the legacy software is not multi-tenant, some components will be cost-optimised. Then, when you evolve to auto-provisioning, you can leverage Awingu's open API to create a straight-forward solution to online sales and online trial accounts. Plus, you can add your own look and feel to the Awingu platform.


To find out more, please get in touch and take a look at the resources below.

Datasheet: Transitioning your software to SaaS

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Whitepaper: Mobile working without constraints

Read the whitepaper

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