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Build powerful location-aware web and mobile apps and services using the world’s #1 location platform*

HERE Technologies has been recognised as the number one location platform by the *Omdia’s Location Platform Index 2020. Grey Matter is the Authorised Distributor of HERE Technologies, and we work closely with HERE to provide its innovative location technology to ISVs and developers worldwide. Read our Distributor announcement here  

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Host location services on your preferred on-premise infrastructure

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Intelligent APIs and SDKs to solve complex location problems, from geofencing to custom routing

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Native tools that can be integrated into the AWS cloud or SAP cloud

Build innovative fleet management solutions 

Use HERE Location Services to build innovative fleet management solutions with advanced fleet telematics features including route customisation and sequence optimisation. Incorporate mapping, geocoding, routing, real-time traffic data, positioning, truck routing, and more through REST APIs, JavaScript and native SDKs. Click through to find out more  

  • Real-time and historic traffic data 
  • Speed limit data 
  • Large-scale matrix router 
  • Voice-guided real-time navigation with accurate ETAs 

Host your own location services on-premise 

HERE on-premise data sets enable you to host everything you need to run location services within your own infrastructure at the fastest speeds and with the lowest latency. You directly manage performance and, used behind your own firewall, assure data privacy and security.  

HERE data sets enrich your location-aware applications, making them stand out with data not available from other providers. HERE data is produced to high standards and plugs into other HERE products natively. 

  • No data leakage 
  • Control and speed 
  • Low latency 
  • Easy integration into your ERP system 

Create mobile native apps for Android and iOS 

HERE Mobile SDKs enable developers to build immersive native apps for iOS and Android by providing a complete set of ready-to-go tools. Rich location features and functions are unlocked through Maps, Directions, Places and Search, Traffic, Transit, LiveSight and Guidance components. Offline capabilities include route calculation, location search, turn-by-turn navigation and more – meaning a bad data signal will not stop business. Read how easy it is to get started building a mobile application with Flutter here 

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