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SmartBear offers software tools for development, testing, and operations teams to deliver high quality software. They have solutions for code review, API and UI testing, and monitoring across mobile, web and desktop applications, equipping the team for every stage of the software cycle.

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Leverage the industry’s first automation testing tool with a hybrid object and visual recognition engine to test every desktop, web and mobile application with native BDD support and script or scriptless flexibility.

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SoapUI Pro gives development and testing teams a powerful solution to create, run and analyse complex tests on REST, SOAP & GraphQL APIs, JMS, JDBC and other web services.

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The most flexible cloud-based mobile app testing solution. Use any framework to run manual or automated tests on thousands of real devices. With unlimited users and unlimited concurrency, BitBar adapts seamlessly to your existing CI/CD processes and tools.

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Enables your team to make every web experience perfect, on any browser or mobile device. Easily run manual, visual, and selenium tests in the cloud on 2050+ real desktop and mobile browsers.

Why Grey Matter?

Grey Matter is proud to be a Smartbear reseller. Demystifying complex licensing is our speciality. We have an established heritage in supporting developers with all the tools needed across the project lifecycle including testing, which is Smartbear’s expertise.

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