RubyMine 2016.3 update released by JetBrains

Published: December 5, 2016

The final update in the 2016 series of modifications to the JetBrains Ruby and Rails IDE has been released and comes with many Ruby-related improvements including a more comprehensive Puppet support, better gem management, as well as debugging tools for locally running processes.

Developers can take advantage of the following new and updated features:

  • Attach to local process – Now the RubyMine debugger can be attached to locally running processes without project reconfiguring and manual gem installation.
  • Better Puppet support – RubyMine now recognizes code element structure for all main syntax elements and supports defining Puppet functions; Go to Declaration, Find Usages, and the Rename refactoring are now aware of local and global scopes.
  • Faster gem downloading – Thanks to rsync, remote interpreter gems now download ~80 times faster.
  • User Interface – Ruby version and gem management has become more straightforward; the initial configuration dialog has been reworked, now allowing you to choose your preferred color and shortcut scheme, as well as enable/disable plugins as needed.
  • VCS improvements – Git & Mercurial log has been reworked, resulting in better search speed and much clearer UI. Conflict resolution has become more efficient and able to resolve simple conflicts automatically. Finally, the IDE now makes it easier to manage local and remote changes.
  • JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript – Now, when JS is set to Flow, the IDE reports problems on the fly; ES6 updates include abilities to convert var to const/let, replace require() calls within import statements, and better support for destructuring assignments. Default-exported functions and classes are now supported in Find and Show Usages. TypeScript features better method renaming and provides a new inspection that alerts you when a statement can be shortened.
  • Database tools – More convenient data editing with opportunities for bulk changes, more intelligent coding assistance, and better integration with utilities and drivers.

Other improvements include support for MiniTest::Spec; more accurate Mailers and their views in the Rails Project Tool Window interface; file renaming without searching for usages; sharper and less noisy flat icons; and support for React Native.

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