Escrow as a Service (EaaS) Scale

Escrow as a Service (EaaS) Scale

Software resilience for those with continuous updates.

Escrow as a Service (EaaS) Scale is a service to meet the needs of software suppliers where continuous updates are required to be deposited with NCC Group, at scale. EaaS Scale gives the software supplier an automated cloud environment depositing process, designed to synchronise with storage environments on a pre-defined frequency.

The synchronised materials can consist of source code, infrastructure as code, configuration, data backups and documented build/compile processes to be used by customers in the event of a software supplier failure.


Cyber Security, Developer, ISV

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The process consists of the software supplier working with one of our Cloud Engineers to establish a stable connection between the NCC Group environment and software supplier environment, where requirements will be refined to meet the expected scale of deposits per customer.

As a result of the engagement, any relevant material will be collated and stored for continual maintenance of the environment and subsequent release processes. EaaS Scale is strongly recommended for all business-critical applications and provides the raw materials of the application to be further developed, reducing the potential end of life timeframe and long term risk for the customer, in the event of supplier chain failure.

EaaS Scale Diagram

Technical diagram

The diagram to the left explains in a high-level way how EaaS Scale works. For a deeper discussion on what's involved, please get in touch.


EaaS Scale benefits

  • Ability to deposit source code, data backups and associated documentation for multiple customers at scale.
  • Vital input to business continuity planning. EaaS Scale provides a core element of risk mitigation for business-critical hosted applications and associated audit documentation.
  • Provides protection against loss of service to business-critical applications if the software supplier goes out of business or fails to meet contractual obligations under the service level agreement.
  • Removal of repeatable depositing efforts for multiple customers.

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