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ER/Studio solutions help your business and technical stakeholders map your complex data landscape, building a solid foundation for data governance. Create a business-driven data architecture to organise information, govern data and unify the business.


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ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition is the leading business-driven data architecture solution that combines multi-platform data modelling, business process modelling, and enterprise metadata for organisations of all sizes. With an extensive feature set, the ER/Studio suite provides robust logical and physical modelling with ER/Studio Data Architect, business process and conceptual modelling with ER/Studio Business Architect, business glossaries with ER/Studio Team Server, and more, to build the foundation for data governance programmes.

ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition provides greater understanding and context to enterprise data through team collaboration on an enterprise glossary of business definitions. This increases the value of enterprise data by giving employees across the organisation the ability to use and improve metadata. Data professionals and business stakeholders choose ER/Studio to share models and metadata in a comprehensive enterprise architecture.

Lay a foundation for data governance. First, make sure you know how data flows through your organisation. The best way to document this is with business process models. ER/Studio Business Architect helps you document the relationships among people, processes, and data.

ER/Studio Data Architect enables you to efficiently catalogue your current data assets and sources across different platforms and track end-to-end data lineage. Simplify your data architecture with a common language leveraging consistent naming standards and data definitions. Easily specify the sensitive data objects that need heightened protection, to withstand audit scrutiny.

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